DeSantis' assault on free speech in Florida


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Dec 1, 2020
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Of all the bills rammed through by the Florida Legislature this session — sometimes revived late at night and then quickly passed by GOP lawmakers — the most egregious remains House Bill 1.

It's Gov. Ron DeSantis' baby, and he has already signed it into law.

The session is about to end, but HB 1 set the stage for this year's legislative theme: Strip power from local governments, and trample Floridians' constitutional rights underfoot.

Civil-rights attorneys from a nonprofit called the Lawyers Matter Task Force, and additional plaintiffs, have already filed a lawsuit challenging the governor's new law, concocted to have a chilling effect on those who take to the streets to protest for rights denied — long an American tradition that Florida's governor suddenly wants to curtail.

Just another reason to sell the Florida condo when my mom passes.
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They're passing so many bullshit laws down here its impossible to keep up. They're gong to spend the next 10 years in court defending all the bullshit they've done in just the last couple years. It's fucking ridiculous.
It's similar here in Georgia.

Our governor (Brian Kemp) decided he'd go "inspect the border" in Texas to see the "problems" for himself. He can't do a thing. It's not his state. But he goes anyway to cater to the idiots in this state like Marjorie Taylor Green.

He presently is fighting 4 lawsuits on laws he's enacted.