December 7th - 80 years ago today Japan attacked Pearl Harbor

I'm not sure if they still do (probably) but I remember going on a full boat/walking tour of Pearl Harbor. There was no memorial center as such that I remember but I have a very vivid memory of either being over or very very close to the site. while in the boat part of the tour.
I've never been there. Always wanted to go. I know the memorial closed down for quite a while to be redone. You do have to take a boat to get to it, so I'm sure you're memory is correct.
Hard to believe there's still a few people around that were actually there. Pretty soon though they'll all be gone. This is the first thing about Pearl Harbor I've seen or heard today. Nobody remembers anymore. I think that's why this country is so fucked up now. Nobody remembers anything anymore. It's all about them and their influencing career or whatever other stupid bullshit they have their heads into.
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Yeah. It's like the 6th of June.

I could always remember my dad's birthday when I was young because all the war movies would start on the 1st of June to commemorate D-Day on the 6th of June, my dad's birthday. (My father's birthday was July 17th. Took me forever to remember it.) They used to do the same thing 1st week of December as well to commemorate Pearl Harbor. I could always count on seeing 'Midway' with Charlton Heston.

Not anymore.

Nobody cares.