Classified Military Documents Leaked Again In The Same Game

I can see it now. They're going to set that up on the application.

1. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
2. Have you ever been convicted of any sort of domestic violence?
3. Have you ever had your license suspended or revoked for DWI?
4. Have you ever played War Thunder and/or posted on the official War Thunder forums?

This week we’ve seen a similar thing happen, only now it’s about fighter aircraft. As Massively OP report, earlier this week a player “shared military documents related to the F-16 fighter jet in order to win an argument”. The problem is that those documents, while not designated as classified military documentation like the tank guys’ stuff, was still restricted material “under the jurisdiction of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), a State Department-enforced law that limits disclosure and transmission of US weapons data and information to foreign individuals, including distribution on the internet”. So, not classified, but still not the kind of thing you should be posting in a video game forum.

Why does this game seem like a TV show...

Devs and players

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I tell you, this country is an international spy's delight.

No need to break into the White House. No need to infiltrate the national archives. Just hang out on gaming forums and break into people's garages and you'll have all the top secret / classified documents you can handle.
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