Catholic Church wins in SCOTUS case of adoption.

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Dec 1, 2020
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This is a sticky situation to be sure, but one I happen to agree with.

In this case, Philadelphia froze the contract of a Catholic adoption agency that refused to work with same sex couples. This topic really pisses a lot of people off on both sides of it. In the end though, I agree with SCOTUS on this:

How is it possible to have a given faith if the city/state can make you act directly against that given faith?

What if, for instance, they required Muslims to eat pork. Not the same thing you say? Well, yes it is. What possible harm does eating pork do to you? None. No more than chicken or beef. It's simply a belief you have that you read from a book.

If you read that same book and it instilled in you the belief that homosexuality is wrong, how can you be forced to give children in your care over to those very people? Is there any inherit wrong in homosexual's raising children? Of course not. It's just a matter of what you believe in, much like the pork.

There are dozens of adoption agencies one can go to that fully support the gay community. At the risk of sounding like a religious zealot, which I'm not, I just can't wrap my head around why it seems the gay community is hell bent to change the Catholic faith just as much if not more than the Catholics are trying to change the gay community.

The two should simply shake hands, call it a day and go their separate ways. Stop trying to make each other change who they are and/or what they believe. It's never going to happen.
Forcing an entity to follow equality rules is much different then forcing an individual to eat pork. That's apples and oranges.
Not when it comes to the first amendment it isn't. Faith is faith. If you believe something is wrong and you are forced to act against it, then that infringes on your constitutional right.

It's no different than the cake company. Are they douchebags for not making the cake? Yes. But the reality of the situation is that any business can refuse service to anyone for any reason or no reason at all. So to make someone serve someone is, in and of itself, a violation of your constitutional rights.

You can't have your cake and eat it too. You can't MAKE people do what you want simply because it's what YOU want. There is no constitutional guarantee for adoption. There is no constitutional guarantee of being served by any business.

I can't walk in to a Jewish Synagogue and demand they hang up a cross, let alone offer me their Jewish children to be adopted. They can CHOOSE not to do that as they'd rather them be placed in a Jewish family to be raised with Jewish values.

It has nothing to do with what I WANT to do. It has everything to do with their constitutionally protected religious rights.
Adoption agencies are public institutions performing public work.
Besides truth be told babies have no religion at birth - parents indoctrinate them into a faith. That's the parent job/perogative according to most religions.
It is certainly not the job of a public adoption agency to vet religions.
Adoption agencies are public institutions performing public work.
Boom. Done.

The entire fucking point of adoption is simple. You find homes with loving people that will feed, clothe, educate, love, care for and nurture these kids into good well balanced adults. It's not your fucking job to nitpick over who that is that does it be they black or mixed marriage or gay or even a single guy or gal. You're looking for the home. The environment. The chance for that kid to have a family and not wind up spending the rest of its life in a fucking hell hole.

If the Catholic fucks aren't interested in that then they shouldn't have a contract with the state. It's that fucking simple. When you sign up to try to find kids homes that should be your only mission: TO FIND KIDS HOMES. Your fucking belief system can wait outside in the car.

Unfortunately a clause was provided in the latest 'contract'(?).

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., writing for six members of the court, focused narrowly on the terms of the city’s contract with foster care agencies, which forbids discrimination based on, among other things, sexual orientation. But the contract allows city officials to make exceptions, he wrote, and that doomed the requirement that the Catholic agency must screen same-sex couples.
“The creation of a system of exceptions under the contract undermines the city’s contention that its nondiscrimination policies can brook no departures,” he wrote in the opinion, which was brisk and a little cryptic, suggesting it was the product of extended deliberation and compromise.

Even more concerning to you should be the statement by Roberts:

The Catholic agency, Chief Justice Roberts wrote, “seeks only an accommodation that will allow it to continue serving the children of Philadelphia in a manner consistent with its religious beliefs; it does not seek to impose those beliefs on anyone else.”

That's a crock of bullshit - we know religion will be imposed by the catholic parents on those children that the agency "has vetted".
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That's a crock of bullshit - we know religion will be imposed by the catholic parents on those children that the agency "has vetted".

That is a very valid point.

But to me the situation borders more on this: why would a gay couple seek an adoption through the Catholic Church knowing how the Catholic Church sees homosexuality?


You answer that question and you'll better understand why I am a fan of the decision. As stated before, there are literally THOUSANDS of different options other than the Catholic Church to go to in order to adopt.

The entire thing to me is an attack on the Catholic Church and nobody else, because the only people that would seek adoption through them are, sorry to say, Catholics with the same belief system.

The entire thing is a CREATED issue that in reality doesn't actually exist because to date no gay couple I've ever heard of has ever gone to the Catholic Church to adopt a kid.

This is all entirely about a contract, not any real case of a gay couple going to the Catholic Church to adopt that has ever actually happened.
Catholics are the last fucking people on earth that should be looking down on anybody given the level of child molestation they've covered up for years and still do with their fucking pedophile priests. For fucks sake they're OK with gay child molesting priests but not Ok with an adult gay couple? Talk about some fucked up values.
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The entire thing to me is an attack on the Catholic Church and nobody else, because the only people that would seek adoption through them are, sorry to say, Catholics with the same belief system.

Are you really surprised that there are catholic gay couples looking for children?

Shit, I'll introduce you to Catholics who accept gays/lesbians but not bisexual (figure that one out). Or Catholics that are anti-abortion zealots but zest for a return of the death penalty.

They are a diverse group of believers who all accept their faith as they want.(like most religious zealots)..

Shit half of them don't even follow Rome's lead I have no problem believing an america gay catholic couple wanted a catholic child, from a catholic institute and were prepared to go to court over it as they want recognition within their own religion - Welcome to America!.