Cannabis Policy Reform History Made In Australia


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Dec 1, 2020
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Senator Shoebridge’s legalization measure marks the first time that a bill has ever been introduced to Australia’s Federal Parliament that would, if approved by both chambers, legalize adult-use home cultivation and commerce across the nation.

“With just a sprinkling of political courage and collaboration mixed with a truckload of common sense we can make this law and end the war on cannabis.” Greens Senator and Justice Spokesperson Senator Shoebridge stated about the measure in a press release.

“It’s time to stop pretending that consumption of this plant, consumed each year by literally millions of Australians, should still be seen as a crime. Everyone knows that it is not a matter of if we legalise cannabis in Australia, it’s a matter of when, and today we’re taking a huge step forward. The Greens are here to get this done, and we’ll be working hard to get the numbers to make this law.” Senator Shoebridge also stated.
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