Boris Johnson making some groundbreaking legislation.

Oh man. I've got to get me a ticket to London now. Get over there and ask for a gallon of milk and then inform them they're back on the imperial measure system when they get snooty with me.
It's only volume where they are different. The inches and feet are the same :ROFLMAO:

A US ounce is actual slightly larger then an imperial ounce:

1 imperial oz = 0.961 (approx) US oz
1 US oz = 1.041 (approx) imp oz.

The pints are the big difference. An american pint is 16 US ounces while an imperial pint is 20 ounces. That four ounce difference adds up quite a bit as you get into quarts and gallons.

An imp qt is 40 imp oz, while a US quart is 32 US oz.