Bill Barr - The Worst Attorney General Ever

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
Staff member
Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia

Yesterday, Sunday February the 16th, a petition signed by 1,143 former Justice Department lawyers dating all the way back to the Eisenhower administration was published asking for current attorney general Bill Barr to resign.

Never before in American history has something like this happened. Republicans, Democrats and independents are on that list. So how did we get here?
It’s simple, really. The Justice Department is “supposed” to be a completely independent entity. It doesn’t answer to the executive, legislative or judicial branch. They enforce the law. That’s it. They don’t write it, they enforce it.

So what does it say to the American people and the world that since his arrival anything Trump tweets about is suddenly acted upon by Bill Barr?
The latest instance of this came just days ago.

Roger Stone, a long time political hack that got his start with the Nixon administration (and we all know how that ended) was found guilty of 7 counts including lying to investigators, witness tampering and more.

The sentence that the four prosecutors called for was 7 to 9 years. Not too bad considering he was facing upwards of 20 years in federal prison, which for him would be a life sentence.

But then, Trump tweets.


Trump’s tweet on Roger Stone
Two things:
  • Nobody but Trump employees have ever been found guilty or plead guilty to crimes.
  • It’s not a miscarriage of justice to recommend someone serve less than half the time they are actually facing.
Be that as it may, in less than 24 hours, Bill Barr jumps into action denouncing the sentencing recommendation his own department issued and writing a letter to Judge Jackson recommending a lower sentence.

Now, Barr didn’t state specifically how much time Stone should serve. He was very careful not to do that. But it does make it clear that no time at all should be on the table.

Immediately, the four prosecutors that conducted the Roger Stone case resigned. What’s more, the woman that oversaw the case who was in line to be promoted was suddenly and unceremoniously dumped from that promotion the same day. She too resigned.

This is unprecedented in living memory. When you have men and women who led their entire careers in the Justice Department, both republican and democratic alike, dating back to the Eisenhower administration calling on the Attorney General to resign, he should resign.

But will Bill Barr resign?

Of course not. Never. He, like so many others in the Trump administration, are so corrupt that they will hang on to the bitter end. This is, after all, their very last hurrah.

History, however, will not be kind to Bill Barr and so many others in this administration. Within 10 years, Barr and his ilk will be lessons taught at law schools across the country on how NOT to conduct one’s self.

Barr will be, without doubt, the worst Attorney General in the history of the United States of America.