Biden wants to hear Republican Senators Demands for Covid-19 Relief Plans


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Dec 1, 2020
Biden Invites Republican Senators to Discuss Covid-19 Relief Plans (

Oh please forgive us Susan Collins, and fellow Republicans, we're so sorry for being bold and asking for what the American people needed. We are so sorry we dared ask for too much. šŸ˜­ We want ever let it happen again Susan. We will cut that 1400 down to a 1000 or less, and even cut more. After all, yall, are so powerful, and you guys know who to properly spend money like good capitalist.

Us, hillbilly Democrats get weak in the knees in your presence, and simply fold like a lawn chair, on these things. After all you guys are the adults in the room, that drive up budget deficits, debt, huge tax cuts to wealthy, and plug the federal reserve up the Stock Market, and run the country in the ditch.

šŸ„ŗšŸ˜¢ Sure, we will do exactly what you say! Us hillbilly democrats, not know any better, yes Susan Collins dear we do what you say.