Biden endorsers changing the fillibuster


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Dec 1, 2020

The filibuster is not in the constitution.

The filibuster is not a law.

Mitch McConnell is violent, because it’s what gives him his power. He keeps the billionaires happy.

The filibuster is not really a filibuster. The Republicans have twisted and distorted it to where it is not like in the movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

No, it’s not like that anymore! Not at all. Mitch McConnell and the Republicans have turned it into a Cadillac luxury sedan, with no pain. Where they don’t even have to show up! In fact, in the old days everyone of the ones filibustering had to be there present around the clock in their seats! PAIN
Standing on their feet talking, at the podium !! For nearly 22 hours straight like Bernie Sanders did !!! Like Nancy Pelosi did!!

And, their other painful things, rule changes too!! Bitch McConnell that sack of shit! To hell with SOB.

You got this coming Mitch, one way or another, getting rid of it or changing it. I’m on the side of getting rid of it, because
I believe the Republicans will just change it back, first chance they get !!

Biden, had better do something!! Slap Schumer upside the head, and him do something, on this filibuster, we gottta get shit done, or you’re fished in the Senate 2022/24
The entire reason they did away with the talking filibuster is because they were all getting so old they didn't have the stamina for it anymore.
So see, they cheated the system and the concept of it, just like they do everything else.

Either get rid of it, or put the rules back where there’s PAIN. Lots of it.

And, if their too old, then get the he’ll out!

Looking at you Chuck Grassley, Mitch, Lindsey Graham, John Coryn, Vacation Ted,

Even applies to the Dems. Bernie ( he lives for it and likes it 🙂 ) Joe Manchin should be made to get up there, so he can be called out.
See, that’s the other thing. They don’t want to be seen defending their positions!

They want to hide! From their home state!
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@Gomez Adams

ALL True. Many of the other Senators, have expressed they want someone else.

I’m the first to admit I want some action. I’m sick of this weak Schumerism letting Mitch McConnell run us over.

We just need to make sure “we know behind the scenes if Biden and Schumer are holding hands on the stage performance?”

But, I am tired of it! This also happened under Obama as well, if you remember? Except briefly for the 1st year or so.

And, I keep wondering, “ Who was responsible for that ?” Obama ? Biden? Schumer? Who else ? That little party costed the DNC hundreds, hundreds of seats in house, senate, and Governorships etc.

It took a lot of hard work to get that back.

And, I’m seeing the pattern again.

So, who the hell is it ?

That leaves Biden, Schumer ?

So, another words guys, “We are playing LT. Columbo here on who’s fooling who behind the scenes?”

-IF, min wage is not raised
-IF, something stronger is not done on student loans.
-If the border/immigration is not solved.
-Supreme Court issues solved
-Success for the Unions
-Health Care ( bag of tricks )
-Help in any way get Trump indicted.
-Secure passage of HR 1 voting. ( stop Gerrymandering, voter suppression etc)
-Get those federal jobs going.
-so many more !!
-There’s a huge list of things
-oh yea, Infrastructure massive stuff to be ✅

Something has to be done about that fillibuster.

Look, We need a Senate leader who has some guts!! And, I’ll be honest, He needs to be able handle both sides of the DNC.

Personally, I 🤔 think you need someone who leans a tad bit left. Why? Because, the coming wave for the DNC is going to progressive. The hand writing is all over the wall, every which way you look at. Their poised soon, to take the majority control in the house. The Senate is showing some sign post as well.

Now, this person has be able to know the other side of the DNC like the back of his hand.

Most importantly, he’s gotta know how to get those 2 factions on board, for those bills coming out of the house, which in time will be more left of center and demanding.

See, variable is: How do you know when the president is not in the ear of the Senate leader ?????

They are supposed to be independent bodies, but we know, that’s not true. (Usually)
The problem is that the old people are so busy trying to keep their jobs that they're not doing their jobs.
Yep !!! That’s it.

They can’t give it up! And, their getting wealthy hand over fist at it! Their all millionaires.

Or on their way to being one!

Their all getting rich before they leave, look at Burr, Loeffler, those 8 democrats, but theirs more than that!

Heck, Even Bernie finally became a millionaire off that book he wrote. But, we know how he got it, he didn’t make it from lobbyists or whatever

But yea, they can’t give it up.

The Republicans are the worst.
Well, our media doesn't help. The instant the 2020 elections were over they're talking about 2022. Not only are politics big money, covering politics is big money. It's like the 2 weeks of Super Bowl hype before the Super Bowl, only all year long.
Personally, I 🤔 think you need someone who leans a tad bit left. Why? Because, the coming wave for the DNC is going to progressive. The hand writing is all over the wall, every which way you look at. Their poised soon, to take the majority control in the house. The Senate is showing some sign post as well.
That's pretty much it. The younger generations are sick and fucking tired of old farts doing the same shit for decades. What its probably going to wind up doing is costing dems their seats because you can't be a 'lets just keep doing shit the same old way' and cater to the majority of younger people saying 'we're sick and tired of this bullshit'. You're going to have to pick one or the other. It's shit or get off the pot time for the old farts in the democratic party. Of them all Bernie's the only one that's actually got his shit together with the younger folks.
Their also looking for younger candidates. For president ex: like JFK was in his day, young.

JFK represented a vibrant, young, idealistic, man with vision, intelligent, take charge, leadership, however in touch with the plight of ALL the poor, working class, he was about advancing them etc.

He was about advancing the youthful young generation, the 60’s, culture etc.

Another facet was, along with it, which the Republicans couldn’t stand, was he had sex appeal! Full head of hair, style, and the ladies loved him !! And, they voted for him !! They liked him!

Richard Nixon had hard time in front of the TV camera standing next to him, being well educated, people relatable, etc.

Hell, my mom voted for Kennedy !! Far as I know dad did.

The DNC has screwed its self massively of late! They have not planned their candidates well! Good candidates have not been put in the pipeline ahead of time.

They have passed over good people. Someone inside the Damn DNC is controlling the selection process of candidates!!!

So, who? I keep thinking it’s these paid off people or Donors accepters in the back rooms picking candidates who are representing things for “the status quo old man wealthy class!” Seriously! Whether or not you’re a conservative democrat, centrist democrat, rich democrat $, or a Republican who is voting Democratic with a lot of money!!! Money 💰

Answer me guys, am I wrong about this ? Am I figuring this wrong?

Am I miscalculating and missing something here ?

Ok, there are some sub steps, in between up to this point I’m sure I’m missing.

Back to the point, yes... Those old and Grey Democrats days are numbered! They need new blood. It’s going to lean more progressive slightly more left.

And, even as Bernie has been screaming, and others like. Dr. Wolff in the background ( there are more like Wolff all over you tube!!!!) saying more people are demanding, paying money$ to learn more about Socialism,,, and that ain’t no lie !!

At work after hours, they even had a sponsored little Brain washing gig, for people to reassure people it was ok to “Be Rich and not listen to socialist or the left”

They were hitting back because, a couple of months back someone came and did a talk against the Koch brothers and the capitalist, and for socialism.

So yea, the Rich are worried.

And, the Rich are trying to control this country.