Bernie Sanders: Get’s top budget committee position.

And, as you know, Nera Tanden, appointed by Joe, is in a constant war with Bernie constantly. Nera, is the one who is always in the background sabotaging Bernie anyway she possibly can. She started the rumors about the book, she attacks his supporters, she tries to blow up every thing.


Because, she worked on Hillary’s campaigns and was the hatchet lady sent by Hillary to blow Bernie up.

The Clintons are the Centrist, the Neoliberal, the 3rd Way, which ended the liberal reign of the DNC etc.

Nera is that group. She represented the centrist Neo liberals, Clintonites, that didn’t want Bernie to bring the left back anywhere near post FDR.

Nera is part of the FAILED Hillary crowd that let Trump in the white-house to begin with!

I think you can see why everyone sees an issue with why Joe of all people appointed Nera ?
The difference in this situation is that he's not in the top position, as unchecked. He has someone over him, and even if he were in the top position, I don't think it go like Trump. Bernie has spent a few decades in government, from the mayor level working all the way up to U.S. Senator having to scrap his way up, with not just the GOP, but them Dem's "pooping" down on him left/right so, I think, he wouldn't get far "anyway!" because, they would be so busy standing in the streets yelling, "burn the communist etc." He knows that already, and he's out to change that image as it already is, and is trying to prove that the concept works.

So, I don't think Bernie would try to pull a Trump. Is he stubborn, yes, only way that's kept him going all these years.

It's too bad the rest of the Democratic Party has not been stubborn enough all these years. But, that goes back to the Clintons, the Third Way, the New Democrats, and how they threw in the towel on giving up on the working class and the unions, and host of other things. They sat back and allowed finally some asshole like Trump to cherry pick the rage of what used to be democratic base people, in the mid-west disaffected from that neo-liberal leaving behind over the last 3 decades. ( we saw that with the blue wall collapse )

If Joe Kamala and the Dems, don't rejuvenate the Unions, spice back the Midwest industrial belt, (blue wall), Unfreeze federal hiring, start a federal jobs program, repair all the federal departments Trump has broken (ex: EPA, postal service, others), repair the tax system, get the top tax rate back up where it belongs, and I'm not talking about this piece of shit 30 something%, so the GOP can come back in and lower the shit back each time. I'm talking back to near 50% where it should be, that way the fucking recessions/depressions would stop. ( But, Joe will never do that. ) So, that's nether here nor there on taxes. The student loans should be wiped out, so that's, neither her nor there. We need a national vacation leave program like Europe, but that will never happen under a neo-liberal system. These are only dreams now.

And, if these are dreams, that means reparations are only dreams. And, under these circumstances if you try to pass them well intentioned, it will explode under the current contingent crisis at hand with the pandemic expenses, fighting with a GOP who will not even give, but a mere $600.00/mo. 1 time check for people about to be evicted from their homes, or money to survive on during a pandemic. While the FED, is pumping money into the stock market like a fire hydrant buying junk bonds to keep capitalism from total implosion, and a stock market raging while the country is flat on it's back virtually.

Meanwhile, Trump has demolished the country, destroyed our credibility everywhere, has made a mockery of us world wide, committed crimes on behalf of the country for his person gain$

Right now, honestly Joe needs all the help he can get... He needs Bernie Sanders, and what ever he can offer, frankly. I'm sure he's had talk with Bernie. Bernie knows he's at the end of his career, this is he's last hurrah, and he's going to try to make an impact to show what he can do most likely, doing exactly what Joe wants, while showing what his Democratic Socialist ideas can do for the good. I don't think he want's to be remembered for fucking up at the end. I wouldn't think ?

Tell you the truth. Like Dr. Wolff says, capitalism has done a lot of this stuff to itself, and the young generation has been listening, watching, they've been watching people like Bernie, but others as well, they've seen, and are tired of the failures of that status quo democrats and the utter sickening fail of the Republicans. I got a feeling, in the 2021 moving forward, we might see some changes coming in time. But, it's going to help IF Biden will push the right buttons.