Argentina Passes "Millionaire's Tax" to Fund Covid-19 Recovery


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Dec 1, 2020
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That's a pretty cheap tax.

My wife makes 125,000 dollars per year. If she gets so much as a 2,500 dollar bonus it will nearly double the taxes she pays.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump pays 750 dollars and Warren Buffet pays about 3.5% less in taxes than we do.
That’s messed up !!

See, the rich do not, pay their fair share of their taxes in this country! The system is rigged.

I have still not heard the clear picture from Biden yet. I’ve only heard the 400 K bit.

I’m still not clear on the what the main tax rate is? Are we going back to the 39.x% Trump took away ? Or some other weak ass crap in between compromising number ?

Look at me, I struggle for approximately $ over 40,000/yr. We got no raise this year due to Covid. And, insurance premiums all significantly went up. Medical, dental, everything across the board.

They take about 1100.00 mo out of my check for deductions/mo. Taxes, fica, premiums, etc.

What should I be making? About 52k/year hands down with no arguments at all! Gospel. But, that’s what it’s like to be working fir the state, with no where to move up ward, and the positions that were open were stolen from you!! Because, you were not a Republican.

But, it could get far worse even. They are talking now, they are coming up 27 million dollars short next year, and they have promised, the cuts will 100% hit manpower without question!!! This time.

I only hope my disability claim comes through one day. But, the VA is moving as slow as the Catholic Church. And, I’ve got stories about what the VA has been doing lately. There you tube stories and true.
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