Amir Locke Murder

It's all over the news here. Has been since day one. Yet another example of the police executing a person they mistook for somebody else.

Just in case you didn't know: The apartment in question belonged to Amir's cousin, who was wanted for first degree murder. That doesn't excuse the cops actions, but it is a horrific case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time by being in the apartment of a wanted killer that looks just like you with a gun in your hand.

The search warrants that police obtained were for three apartments in Bolero Flats. One was the unit where Speed resided with his mother, and another was for an apartment where a friend of Speed’s was associated; the three were not there during the searches.

Another search warrant was for Speed’s brother’s girlfriend’s apartment, where the charges said Speed also stayed. Speed’s brother, his girlfriend and Locke were present during the search.

Amir wasn't in the apartment the where Speed lived, he was in the wanted persons (1) brothers (2 )girlfriend (3) aprt- that pretty fucking removed.
Which is what I said. He was in the apartment his cousin was known to stay at and was mistaken for him. Wrong place at the wrong time.

It doesn't excuse the use of the no-knock warrant, which I don't understand why they're STILL in use after so many of them have gone wrong. It also doesn't excuse the cop shooting the guy 9 seconds in.

But, had Amir been at home instead of hanging out at a place a known murderer is known to hole up, he'd still be alive. That's the tragedy of it all.
It was the cousins brothers girlfriend.....not even the cousins brothers aprt.

But, yes. The worst part of this is the no-knock.


That's why they had a warrant with multiple addresses listed on it. They don't just go to your last known mailing address and if you're not there say, "well, darn. I guess he got away with it as we'll never find him" and call it a night.

They interview people. They have informants. They know where people go. They then secure warrants that will include any known possible locations and they typically hit them all at once.

That apartment was on the list. It was on the paperwork. Amir may not have known his cousin had murdered someone (which I seriously doubt - he probably knew) but he did know his cousin stayed there from time to time.

You're acting like the cops had no right to be there. They did. It's just sad that Amir was there at the same time.
I can't find the article now but you are correct. They had intelligence from the prior 30 days that Sleep(?) had been at that apartment. That timeframe had not been indicated in the other article, only that he had been there (or known to stay there).
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