American Troops Camped out at the Capital Building

Hey, another time we did that was during "chemical war exercises", we would be under operational excercises in Turkey. Which would go on for a while, would last for a few weeks. You would have your chemical warfare gear on too! You would sleep like that with your mask on. Those military chemical warfare mask, have the draping hoodies you pull over your head, with the string you tie etc.

Hopefully, you had fans, and some/little AC, at least maybe. With that 100 deg. Turkish summer, talk about hot! Then, during the day, if you had to go out, it was 103 some days in that dry Turkish sun. I seen a few guys fall out in that chem gear.

Training for just in case Sadamn were to attack with chemical weapons etc!

What's incredible when I think about it, is when I hear all this complaining about these assholes not wanting to wear a mask now, and what we had to go through under those conditions, and we were training for chemical, biological, nuclear fallout etc. It make's me get kinda, well "annoyed" that Americans are doing such bullshit like their doing now.

We of all people could have licked this pandemic better than everyone in world, with our large population even, and having our resources too. It makes no damn sense at all.

It makes me mad at all these assholes, I see around me. A bunch of jackasses.

And, our foreign enemies and adversaries setting back just pining at what they now know they can do to us.

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