Amazon Union Vote in Alabama due today.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia

I'm guessing it's going to fail. (They'll vote no to unionization.)

If they vote yes, I'm betting that Amazon will shut down the factory.

I'd like to see them pull it off though. It would be the first unionized Amazon in the United States.
Yes, he is.

The part about this for me is that the Union has done everything by the book here. They've waited outside, caught people coming and going. They pass out flyers. They don't harass anybody that doesn't want to talk to them.

It's been a textbook example of how to do it EXCEPT on Amazon's side, of course. They've been holding mandatory meetings on how bad unions are (they're not supposed to do that) and what will happen if they join a union (it's all bad) and they're not supposed to do that either.

Of course, Amazon denies any wrongdoing and most employees are scared to speak on the record. That right there goes to show who the bully is in all of this and who the employees should be talking and listening to.

I have no doubt that if it passes Amazon will do anything to crush it. They'll have to. If they don't, it's going to be like a stack of dominoes across the country of union movements within the Amazon community.

And rightly so. Amazon has terrorized its employees since day one. If anybody deserved to be watched very closely by the union and collective bargaining, it's Amazon.

Amazon is today what U.S. Steel was back in the '30's. A draconian slave shop.
I hope he fucks up and gets sued. If anybody deserves to have his ass kicked it's that asshole. I'm serious. I really really hate his guts.
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