A few shocking charts about Marijuana in Georgia

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
So I was reading this site called Reform Georgia and they have some rather frightening charts about who gets hurt by marijuana laws. Here they are:




This is from this page: https://www.reformgeorgia.org/platform/cannabis-law-reform/

How full of crap is it that although usage is essentially equal between black and white that for some reason 75% of those that go to jail over it are black?

This is the real reason they keep marijuana illegal: prison. They make big bucks off of locking people up. And the vast majority of those they're locking up are black, even though just as many whites do the same exact thing.
Crack is the same damn way. If you get busted with coke you get a fine and some rehab. You get busted with crack your ass is going to jail. And since crack is the drug of choice of the poor guess who goes to jail more for it. It's essentially slavery by proxy.
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Isn't Georgia where they have those 'drug cops' who are supposedly trained to recognize the signs of impairment but have a fucking joke of an actual conviction record?
Yes. Sadly, that's us.

They're referred to as "Drug Recognition Experts". They are a joke. In fact, they're not really even a thing anymore after dozens of people were innocently arrested by these so-called "experts" and they sued the respective department back to the stone age.

The course is still offered by the Georgia Department of Public Safety, but most jurisdictions require that an officer have some proof other than just their "special training" before an arrest.

Example: where before they would arrest someone for suspicion of being impaired based on nothing more than looking and talking to them, now there has to be some other evidence: the strong smell of marijuana, a prescription bottle in plain sight, etc. to go along with their observations.

One would think that would be common sense, but a few years ago it clearly wasn't.

The really big deal is that DUI (Driving Under the Influence) has been dropping dramatically because of draconian punishments and very vigilant police work, which I'm all for.

But it seems as though they "cooked up" this "Drug Recognition Expert" program to increase arrest to make up for lost revenues. At least it does to me.
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... now there has to be some other evidence: the strong smell of marijuana....

Courts in Canada have now ruled (several times) that the smell of cannabis is no longer reasonable suspicion of anything.

In fact, just last year a judge released a girl who had been busted for people, in her vehicle, having cannabis on them in the vehicle (it has to be in the trunk essentially - normally). Story was she was clean and friends called her for a ride home when they had had too much while out partying. She obliged and during the journey she was stopped at a DUI checkpoint and the cannabis was seen on the passengers. Ticket issued for open cannabis in passenger possession. The checkpoint cleared her.
She went to court, explained the whole story and the judge ruled that this was not the intended purpose of the possession of cannabis inside the vehicle law. She was clearly driving sober and had no cannabis on her according to the police report, and was simply doing what society has asked of all of us - help our friends if they over-party.
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That's as it should be.

Down here, it's a different story. Anything in your car is your fault no matter who is carrying it. That's why it's typically best here to never give rides to anybody that uses drugs of any kind.

Or at least if you do, make sure it's somebody you know very well that knows to put it in the trunk and not have it on their person sitting in your car.
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