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    Wargaming introduces submarines into random battles

    So submarines are now being introduced into random battles in world of warships, but they have big time issues which are: 1. Homing torpedo which chases your ship down when pinged 2. Battleships are no longer willing to get into combat and are now playing long range sniping due to submarines
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    Max Immelmann, the newest German Aircraft Carrier has a insane unit which is armed with bouncing bombs (skip bombs)

    @Gomez Adams @Zeedox I recently purchased a German Tier X aircraft carrier by the name of Max Immelmann which only has Torpedo bombers and skip bombers which actually has the bouncing bomb invented by Barnes Wallis. A video of the skip bomber squadrons in action is in the link below...
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    Ex-Supertester on WGNA forums mentions how Wargaming treats supertesters and supertest co-ordinators

    Found this on the WOWS NA Forums where ex-supertesters are beginning to turn against Wargaming
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    Wargaming under investigation for Money Laundering
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    The Yukon debacle (Yukon Gate scandal)

    For anyone not familiar, LWM (LittleWhiteMouse) and Chobittsu were working on a ship which was orignally called Nunavut but then it was renamed Yukon:
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    World of Warships newest detested ship is the Ise which is a BB and CV in one package

    There is a new premium warship called the Ise at tier 6 but it has players mad since it is a BB and CV wrapped in one package:
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    New Dutch CL line is insane, it comes with Airstrikes

    There is a new Dutch cruiser line coming to World of Warships, but it is insane, it comes with airstrikes, in this video, a Alaska cruiser is triple focused by Dutch cruisers which calls in triple airstrikes which bomb the Alaska to near death:
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    Wargaming stealth nerfed the Fletcher DD

    It seems when 10.3 patch dropped, Wargaming stealth nerfed the Fletcher DD:
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    Wargaming made Battleships useless by over nerfing secondaries

    Not sure if this surprises anyone, Wargaming is now in the process of removing hulls like Bayern's WW1 hull, before the secondaries for all battleships were nerfed/reduced. Bayern's WW1 hull was seen as the best brawling ship in game and it meant any destroyer that sailed close to it was...
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    Little PDF which I did on repealing Prohibition altogether in New Zealand

    Thought this PDF would be worth sharing on this forum