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  1. Hugo Stiglitz

    Trump admits to obstruction of justice in Fox News interview

    What it boils down to is that no president wants to see another president go to jail because they all do enough shit to go to jail over. They're just all covering each others ass.
  2. Hugo Stiglitz

    Devin Nunes To Resign And Raise Congress Median IQ

    The guy that sued an imaginary cow running a social media company created by a man that has had nothing but failures in business his entire life and actually managed to bankrupt a fucking casino which is a mathematical impossibility. What could possibly go wrong? LMMFAO!!!
  3. Hugo Stiglitz

    DoJ sues Texas, saying electoral map plans violate Voting Rights Act

    I think they have about 5 suits already against Texas for all kinds of shit.
  4. Hugo Stiglitz

    December 7th - 80 years ago today Japan attacked Pearl Harbor

    Hard to believe there's still a few people around that were actually there. Pretty soon though they'll all be gone. This is the first thing about Pearl Harbor I've seen or heard today. Nobody remembers anymore. I think that's why this country is so fucked up now. Nobody remembers anything...
  5. Hugo Stiglitz

    Recreational Cannabis legalization increases employment in counties with dispensaries

    No shit. They work their asses off to get that weed onto the shelves so they can use that employee discount to load up.
  6. Hugo Stiglitz

    Middle-class drug users could lose UK passports under Boris Johnson’s plans

    So if you're rich you can light up right in front of him and it's all good?
  7. Hugo Stiglitz

    A Congressman Has Called Women “Earthen vessels, sanctified by Almighty God.”

    That's the wheelchair Special Olympics Olympian (oh wait he lied about that) that went to West Point (oh wait he lied about that) and then the Naval Academy (oh wait he lied about that) that likes to beat up on dead rotten sapling trees. Yeah. Fuck him.
  8. Hugo Stiglitz

    Trump admits to obstruction of justice in Fox News interview

    That fucker has turned out to be more useless than tits on a boarhog.
  9. Hugo Stiglitz

    RIP Bob Dole

    Before my time. Don't really know the guy but anybody tough enough to fight the Nazis is OK in my book.
  10. Hugo Stiglitz

    Chris Cuomo, brother of former NY Mayor Andrew, suspended indefinitely by CNN.

    They are all the fucking same. Like the asshole that ran NBC that got fired for sexual harrasment and the guy from Fox and the guy from what the fuck ever. They all every single fucking one do it. It's simply staggering that shit has gone on this long and continues to go on.
  11. Hugo Stiglitz

    Yet another School Shooting

    I'm glad that lady DA is going after the parents. This is going to be a big one guys. If they go to prison you can bet every parent from here on out is going down with their shitty assed spoiled brat asshole kids that decide to shoot up their school.
  12. Hugo Stiglitz

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    I'm just going to leave this here.
  13. Hugo Stiglitz

    COVID Thread

    If that shit winds up like the common cold and deadlier than delta is we are fucked.
  14. Hugo Stiglitz

    Site Performance

    I'm normally not around on the weekends so I haven't noticed anything. Seems perfectly normal to me.
  15. Hugo Stiglitz

    This is pretty fucked up, even for China.

    Fuck the Chinese.
  16. Hugo Stiglitz

    The U.S. Military simply can not be trusted.

    I bet at least half of that shit and probably more of it is right here, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.
  17. Hugo Stiglitz

    Democrats are stupid.

    I think it's about being politically correct too. They have to run somebody in a minority to prove they're champions of minorities. Only problem is more times than not they wind up losing which is why they stay the minority. You either play to win or play to play. It's one or the other. You can...
  18. Hugo Stiglitz

    Microsoft sucks!

    Never played Minecraft. I know a lot of people do. Never understood why the WOT assholes made fun of it.
  19. Hugo Stiglitz


    I bet that fucking prick Osteen is vaccinated 10 times.