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  1. Gomez Adams

    January 6th Committee.

    Under normal circumstances, I would agree. But they don't have that kind of time.
  2. Gomez Adams

    Austell Police, the K-9 Unite and Medical Marijuana

    This is pretty much Georgia in a nutshell. The whole thing started with a news team investigation into some high vet bills on the K-9 unit and mysteriously morphed into a GBI investigation. The chief that is the...
  3. Gomez Adams

    January 6th Committee.

    This is just...laughable. On it's face, it looks good. And then you read what it actually is: While the records do not include information about the substance of those communications, the panel believes it...
  4. Gomez Adams

    Olaf Scholz elected German chancellor BERLIN — The German parliament on Wednesday elected Social Democrat Olaf Scholz as the country’s ninth postwar chancellor. Scholz takes office at the head of a coalition of Social Democrats, Greens and Free...
  5. Gomez Adams

    Looted Gilgamesh tablet returns to Iraq in formal ceremony

    I certainly hope the thieves that took it got theirs.
  6. Gomez Adams

    Middle-class drug users could lose UK passports under Boris Johnson’s plans

    I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that Jimmy was up there with him.
  7. Gomez Adams

    DoJ sues Texas, saying electoral map plans violate Voting Rights Act

    Is it that many? I know they have three - the 1st was on their border policy. The second was about the abortion law and now this one about the district maps.
  8. Gomez Adams

    Trump admits to obstruction of justice in Fox News interview

    I said something similar on Twitter. No president wants to prosecute another because he'll be next if he does.
  9. Gomez Adams

    December 7th - 80 years ago today Japan attacked Pearl Harbor

    Yeah. It's like the 6th of June. I could always remember my dad's birthday when I was young because all the war movies would start on the 1st of June to commemorate D-Day on the 6th of June, my dad's birthday. (My father's birthday was July 17th. Took me forever to remember it.) They used to do...
  10. Gomez Adams

    COVID Thread

    For the life of me, I can't figure out why when a politician gets elected the first thing they do is start screwing the people that elected them. There are some simple things you don't screw with: Health care Public services (Fire, Police, Parks & Recreation) Taxes It's that simple. You don't...
  11. Gomez Adams

    COVID Thread

    Is Canada that low on vaccine?
  12. Gomez Adams

    December 7th - 80 years ago today Japan attacked Pearl Harbor

    I've never been there. Always wanted to go. I know the memorial closed down for quite a while to be redone. You do have to take a boat to get to it, so I'm sure you're memory is correct.
  13. Gomez Adams

    COVID Thread

    Glad I'm on the full line. Plus booster.
  14. Gomez Adams

    December 7th - 80 years ago today Japan attacked Pearl Harbor

    Posting the article from the Charleston, South Carolina paper since they do it right every year.
  15. Gomez Adams

    Devin Nunes To Resign And Raise Congress Median IQ

    I actually read half way through an article last night. Talk about a walking, talking, breathing clusterfuck. Those two deserve each other. Trump's new "technology" company is already under investigation by the FCC and it's not even two months old yet. Another question is: How will Devin keep...
  16. Gomez Adams

    Picked up Diablo II Resurrected

    We have a Wii in the front living room. My son still plays it from time to time and we still bowl on it as well.
  17. Gomez Adams

    Picked up Diablo II Resurrected

    By the way, they fixed all the issues and put it on sale for $29.00 so I bought it back. 🤪 Got my Necromancer up to level 72.