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  1. Grimhogun

    You can't trust anybody
  2. Grimhogun

    DeSantis should be arrested for this shit.

    For 105 days this summer, while COVID-19 deaths soared across the state, Floridians had no idea how many of their neighbors were dying. The Florida Department of Health knows how many people are dying in each county, but stopped telling the public on June 4. That’s when state officials stopped...
  3. Grimhogun

    What is it with the fucking pedophiles? One South Florida middle school teacher is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old former student multiple times over the past two months. Another is accused of kissing and...
  4. Grimhogun

    Lt. Col. Scheller is in the brig.

    So you guys remember that marine colonel that went on a video rant about how everything about the Afghanistan withdraw was fucked up and all? Well his ass is now being held in the brig pending an article 32. He's fucked. And rightly so. Keep your fucking yap shut asshole! If anybody wanted your...
  5. Grimhogun

    DeSantis is bouncing checks

    So no mask mandates in schools and no covid quaranteens and no nothing in schools to keep anybody safe. So while that worthless sack of shit is doing everything he can to kill everybody he bounces the fucking bonus checks teachers got as a thanks for putting up with all his bullshit.
  6. Grimhogun

    Florida keeping it real

    As in real fucking stupid. This shit is simply unbelievable. The Tampa sheriff held a press conference to announce that they think they caught a serial killer. The person doing the sign language was fake. No shit. She had no idea what the hell she was doing...
  7. Grimhogun

    A guy from my work just died.

    Got covid last week. Died today. He was an asshole anti mask guy that got really pissed off about having to wear a mask when we had meetings and stuff where we were all close together in the conference room. Fucker got what he had coming.
  8. Grimhogun

    I don't fucking believe it!

    Turns out Matt Gaetz was telling the truth all along. He was being extorted for 25 million dollars. They just charged the guy with it.
  9. Grimhogun

    I might become a truck driver!

    So I've been on the road. Let me explain. I work at a warehouse. I normally come here when I'm in the break room depending on which shift I'm on. Well, in the break room they have a bulletin board where they post announcements and such. So a week and a half ago there's this big ad from the...
  10. Grimhogun

    Gaetz and the medical marijuana connection.

    So we all know Matt has been a big advocate of medical marijuana even thought it's not a big GOP popular thing. There's a good reason for that. He's making a ton of money on it. There's a new article out here but it's subscription only...
  11. Grimhogun

    This is laughable.

    So this idiot is who the dems pick to run against Rubio. A black, woman, loud mouth. This is the same idiot that was trying to incite a riot at the damn Chauvin...
  12. Grimhogun

    Ron DeSantis used vaccine to get reelected.

    Well not that anybody is surprised but that asshat DeSantis is pretty much cold busted. There was a vaccine station set up at Lakewood. It was supposed to be just another pop up site but it was limited to rich people only from two neighborhoods there. Here's the whole article...
  13. Grimhogun

    I will leave the country if this asshole is elected president

    I'm not kidding. Suddenly that asshole Ron DeSeantis is the hottest name for a 2024 president if Trump doesn't run. How fucking stupid are people?
  14. Grimhogun

    Now this is what I can advertisement.

    When I check in on my phone I dont see many advertisements but I saw this one on my laptop and figured I'd put it here. Looks like a site you can sign up to start a growing business on. That is freaking awesome! I might sign up and move to Virginia!
  15. Grimhogun

    COVID Thread

    We just passed 19,000 deaths guys. You can't get a hospital room anywhere near Kissimmee. They're all jam packed.