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  1. Hugo Stiglitz

    With cases down this shit is still happening.

    I'm not sure how the hell they're saying covid cases are down. We still have hospitals turning away transfers hand over fist here. Here's a news article about it. Now my thing is...
  2. Hugo Stiglitz

    Shit like this pisses me off.

    So here's the story. And here's the solution. WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM!
  3. Hugo Stiglitz

    How fucking stupid is this? That's what the dog is for you fucking idiot!
  4. Hugo Stiglitz

    This fucking guy

    So check this shit out. The guy that used to work with Karzai is now chirping in about how the Afghanistan thing is a debacle and he always planned on going back and shit. Here's a quote. Really asshole? So you...
  5. Hugo Stiglitz

    Blizzard in trouble.

    This shit has been going on for a while but now it's coming to a head. Brack is out as president.
  6. Hugo Stiglitz

    Police say car was speeding.

    Here's the article. Here's the picture. Really? Speed was a factor? The fucking car is cut in half but you think it was speed that did it? Surely not! Seriously why the fuck do people have to state the...
  7. Hugo Stiglitz

    Cleveland changes their name

    This is fucking stupid. The Cleveland Indians have official changed their name to The Guardians. Here's the new logo. I tell you. Native Americans are writing themselves right out of fucking existance. 20 years from now nobody will even know they fucking exist. Then of course they'll start...
  8. Hugo Stiglitz

    Another failed murder scheme.

    You guys are going to love this shit. I can't mention names or get into absolute specifics but here are the broad strokes. Just got out of a meeting an hour ago with the regional manager, an assistant district attorney and some other suits I didn't know who the hell they were. Got a claim about...
  9. Hugo Stiglitz

    More Nebraska Bullshit

    So they made a bullshit self destructive policy for legalizing marijuana that blew up. They did that shit intentionally. They don't want what everybody is already doing under the table to be legal and taxable for some stupid fucking reason. They say they'll holding "the moral high ground" on the...
  10. Hugo Stiglitz

    Keeping it classy in Nebraska

    So this asshat neck tattoo and all and a fine upstanding citizen of the great state of Nebraska was busted for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute last year. The bastard was out on probation but didn't do the shit he was supposed to do so a warrant was issued for his stupid ass...
  11. Hugo Stiglitz

    Omaha Star newspaper throws a birthday party for Malcolm X

    Thought this was pretty cool. Yesterday on Malcolm X's birthday the local newspaper threw him a birthday party with cake and everything. He would have been 96 years old.
  12. Hugo Stiglitz

    Fucking Nebraska So here's the skinny - A bunch of conservatives came up with this bill and were actually proud of the fact that it would be the most restrictive marijuana legislation in the country. Think about that shit for a second. They...
  13. Hugo Stiglitz

    Don't be a pedo in Nebraska

    This asshole didn't get to actually molest the teenage girl. He just sent her some suggestive texts. Fucker is facing 50 years. He'll get it too. Don't fuck around in Nebraska!
  14. Hugo Stiglitz

    Unbelievable bullshit

    This is fucking unbelievable. So I got a call from my brother Friday afternoon to come out to the farm because there's trouble. I get there and come to find out that this man our family has done business with for years is a fucking crook. I can't mention names but my father dealt with this guy...
  15. Hugo Stiglitz

    Governor Pete Ricketts is a fucking moron.

    So this jackass governor of ours has declared Nebraska a 2nd amendment sanctuary state. “Nebraska will stand up against federal overreach and attempts to regulate gun ownership and use in the Good Life." What the fuck does a gun have to do with the good life? For that matter WTF is the good...
  16. Hugo Stiglitz

    NRA going down in flames.

    So that asshole Lapierre has been testifying by Skype. What's going on is that after being cold busted for misusing funds to line his own pockets he wrote himself a new contract. That contract has some bullshit cryptic language in it that gave him (he says) the power to unilaterally file...
  17. Hugo Stiglitz

    This is going to end badly I'm sure of it. HOUSTON (AP) — The Biden administration is not requiring FBI fingerprint background checks of caregivers at its rapidly expanding network of emergency sites to hold thousands of immigrant teenagers...
  18. Hugo Stiglitz

    Daylight savings time sucks!

    That's it. That's the post.
  19. Hugo Stiglitz

    Ben Sasse makes an ass of himself

    This fucking guy. ”This weekend’s spending is bigger than the entire annual economy of Canada, yet only one percent of it is vaccine-related. Here’s how midnight spending bills go down: Senators hide a bunch of crap behind titles like ‘The Cuddly Puppies Act,’ and then say anybody voting...
  20. Hugo Stiglitz

    Brain Drain in Nebraska

    Want to know why red states stay red? Read this last night and it makes perfect sense. People with brains and a decent education are hauling ass. I'm sure this isn't just a Nebraska problem. I'll bet the Dakotas, Oklahoma and others have the same thing...