The Rules of the House

How to register for the forums and the rules on posting.
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General MUST KNOW shit:

1. No Porn

2. No Anime

3. No Trolling. Argue your point, not the poster.

4. No Racism of ANY KIND. You bring that into it, you're gone. Instantly. No questions asked. No appeal.

5. Grow a pair. This is an adult forum and is not moderated for language. If you're under 18, odds are this place is NOT for you.

Miscellaneous Shit:

- Avatar size is 150 x 150 pixels. You may upload it directly or host it outside from your own site. Please don't abuse it by uploading a thousand avatars.

- Sig limit is set to 500 charachtors with 3 links. (This is negotiable once we get things going.)

- Please don't get unrealistic with sigs and sig images. Limit your image sizes please and keep them reasonable. Generally speaking, if your sig takes up more room than the average post, it's too fucking big.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

List any additional rules request in this thread.
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