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The bullshit actions of Wargaming that defy belief.

Wargaming vs. Players – Russian Revolt 17

Wargaming vs. Players – Russian Revolt

So as the player base on the North American server has been on the express elevator to hell for the last few years now and is more populated by bots than actual players these...


How to Fail at Hacking 101

OK, folks. They didn’t get the message the first time, so here’s a short article on how NOT to hack. Since day one, the little Trolls and Shills of Wotlabs and Wargaming have been...


Meet the Assholes – Wargaming Employees

Well folks, here we are after the big fucking debacle of Sir Foch gate. Wargaming, more specifically Wargaming North America, in their typical classless display of ineptitude, tried their level best to take this...


Sir Foch gets Fucked by Wargaming

Well, folks, it’s finally happened: Wargaming have gone full fucktard. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Sir Foch is a…check that, WAS a Community Contributor. He did reviews on tanks, maps, and...