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Are You Fucking Kidding Me

So I went to look at some of the premium tanks on sale.  I don’t buy them anymore. However, I like to view their “specials” every now and then……. If you think that “shadow”...


WoT video for critiquing.

This is my very first video ever created for youtube.  My format is going to be music with text discussing about the game in question as well as other things.  This is harder then...


1001001110 – Absolute Cockgoblet

This is going to be a fun post. 1001001110… Yes, that’s his username. This absolute cockgoblet has made it his life mission to ruin every single player’s battle that he gets into… And so...

3 World of Tanks Lies Exposed (Actual Lies) 17

3 World of Tanks Lies Exposed (Actual Lies)

You would expect when a business  makes a promise or commitment to its customer base that they follow through with their promises.  Simply for the security and longevity of their success you would expect...


Five Reasons World of Tanks Fails

Well laddies and gents I think I have finally reached a breaking point.  I have watched this game degrade from some time now and its just beyond repair. I just cant see any logical...

WOT Update 9.2 Grand Battles Dead on Arrival 5

WOT Update 9.2 Grand Battles Dead on Arrival

Over the year I have learned not to expect to much out of patches and additions to the game.  With Update 9.2 right around the corner, I don’t expect much from it either.  Like...