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Torque969 & reptidex4 – The duo that made me snap

Making non-constructive posts, or creating threads on non-constructive topics Cursing and profanities, Inappropriate language, Circumventing the profanity filter Please refresh yourself on our Forum Rules. Cool story WarGaming. I’ll just add that to my...


The Name & Shame List

I’ve been tracking players who are douche bags, trolls or otherwise ruin the gameplay experience for others for a while. I figured I’d finally make a list of it. Obviously WarGaming doesn’t want anyone...


Loot Boxes: Is it Gambling or not?

There’s been a lot of discussion about the loot boxes lately, even among ourselves here. The opinions on them are strong both for and against with opinions ranging from it’s an all out scam...


Are You Fucking Kidding Me

So I went to look at some of the premium tanks on sale.  I don’t buy them anymore. However, I like to view their “specials” every now and then……. If you think that “shadow”...