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OUT with the old, IN with the new.

OK, folks, the old forum is no more. The new forum is in use. You can find it here. (Or, you know, you could click that word that says “Forum” in the navigation at...


Site Announcement – Please Read

Folks, I’ll make this short and sweet: We’re going to be changing our look again. In the interest of full disclosure, we never really expected this place to take off like it has.  We...


Black Friday Fucktardery – Wargaming Style!

Folks, you all know about this by now, but we’ve been mulling it over and doing a bit of talking about it and we decided that we’re going to cover this shit. The reason?...


Server Transfers – What’s the Fucking Holdup?

Well, folks, here we go again with Wargaming’s bullshit. Now, this whole fucking ball of wax began back when Wargaming NA announced that they were going to merge the East and West servers together....

XVM Takes Over Wn8 – The Death Knell of Wotlabs 18

XVM Takes Over Wn8 – The Death Knell of Wotlabs

Well, folks, for many of you I’m sure this is old news. It is to me as well as I knew about it 7 days ago but just got around to typing this up....


Golden Joystick? We think not! You decide!

Well, folks, here we go. In another move that can best be described as blatant, wanton denial, World of Tanks has actually come up with the mitigated gall to post this bullshit. And once...