Author: Scorpiany


Torque969 & reptidex4 – The duo that made me snap

Making non-constructive posts, or creating threads on non-constructive topics Cursing and profanities, Inappropriate language, Circumventing the profanity filter Please refresh yourself on our Forum Rules. Cool story WarGaming. I’ll just add that to my...


The Name & Shame List

I’ve been tracking players who are douche bags, trolls or otherwise ruin the gameplay experience for others for a while. I figured I’d finally make a list of it. Obviously WarGaming doesn’t want anyone...


1001001110 – Absolute Cockgoblet

This is going to be a fun post. 1001001110… Yes, that’s his username. This absolute cockgoblet has made it his life mission to ruin every single player’s battle that he gets into… And so...