Author: Thing 1


Moonrider – Forum Troll / Fail Spy

Well, folks, here we go with our first troll of the new year. And the winner is: MOONRIDER! Congratulations, Moonrider. Now take a bow…and while you’re down there, kiss our ass you ugly, bearded,...


Happy New Year! – A brief look back at 2017

Well, folks, we made it. Another year in the books, done. For some, it was a good year. For others, not so much. Let’s review: Wargaming has once again had an abysmal year. Not...


OUT with the old, IN with the new.

OK, folks, the old forum is no more. The new forum is in use. You can find it here. (Or, you know, you could click that word that says “Forum” in the navigation at...