Giulio Cesare – A Case for Fraud

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  1. kranvagn says:

    State of the game is terrible especially since they implemented a World of Warplanes into the Cv’s in World of Warships at least it is more balanced than before. The AA still needs work on many ships and it should balance out. Giulio Cesare is a bait and switch and who knows what the next ship will be Nickolai, Belfast, Kamikaze, or any one of the op premiums. It will end when someone pulls together a class action against them. Nobody has tried it seems as of yet. They must be losing money hard as they are putting up more sales compared to last year. Who knows what the future holds at this point surprised that an article hasn’t been written on the multiple different currencies in World of Warships yet. Maybe someone will get around to it eventually, but this was a good read.

  2. Gomez_Adams says:

    I’m betting it will wind up just like World of Tanks: inundated with premiums to the point it’s World of WarPremiums with MM so bad and clan trolls so profuse and stat mongers so ridiculously over the top that people will slowly start to leave it as well.

    Fact is, Wargaming have lost 10’s of millions of dollars in their banking stock alone, let alone all the lost revenues from the decline of World of Tanks, the complete failure of World of Warplanes, Total War Arena (which didn’t even last a year), the heavy decline of World of Tanks, and now a lot of the same complaints appearing about World of Warships.

    I see Warships doing the same exact thing that ran so many off from Tanks. It’s going to end the same way.

  3. Mr_Alex says:

    @Thing1, Gomez, Insurrectional_Leftist and etc

    I am not sure how true the rumors are but there was chat on reddit where someone mentioned Wargaming’s Financial Situation is pretty dire and they don’t think Wargaming as a whole will not last long at all

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Too bad there never were any “Premium maps.” That’s something everyone would loved to have wanted. But no, all we got was the same ole broken maps simply re-skinned with the new broken gloss over. -Psst- What a mess. Never fear, Wargaming will use this an idea to actually come up with a way to charge $ players for playing on “Premium Maps”, watch and see if they don’t. That’s how they roll.

    They’ll come up with an igneous way to bill your account/per battle for your tank to appear on an number of premium excellently done maps that play better, etc… For a nominal amount of Gold/per battle $$$.

    Anything is possible with them, after the insurance policies against losses, if Match Maker gave you a rough losing streak,,, I really believe they would do anything. The Fraud has no bounds with Wargaming.

  5. Thing 1 says:

    God damnit Leftist!!! STOP GIVING THEM FUCKING IDEAS, MAN!!!

    @Mr_Alex, yeah. It is man. They are well and truly fucked.

    @Gomez – thanks large for covering my ass. Feeling a bit better now. It’s much appreciated.

  6. Mr_Alex says:


    I heard the other day from my cousin who is a Supertester in the Asia server, he mentioned the other day that bots are being implemented and also the Russian and Europe players have been given access to Asia server as well. He calls the European and Russian players in terms of behaviour as severely toxic.

  7. Thing 1 says:

    When your entire fucking life is a video game, that’s how you turn out – toxic.

  8. kranvagn says:

    Exactly and sometimes they just make me laugh at what they spend their money on. Virtual pixels that have no value and a premium account that offers no premium add-ons besides increased credits and experience gain.

  9. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    I agree. I have always thought some of these games should have to offer more than just increased credits & XP. It seems a lot of times that they should have offered more for money spent on so many things. And if you do spend, they simply find ways to give you games/battles, that would deplete your reserve of silver/credits on certain vehicles, or tier of vehicles to drain your (earned from grinding), or purchased $ credits. “Their like one arm bandits, where the Match Maker, RNG, Maps, Bad Teams, Nerfs, etc. are credit sinks to “deplete your account.” Not to mention your time.

  10. kranvagn says:

    look at this
    really funny what’s happening here and this Radar_X guy is trying to defend the douchebag Sub_Octavian’s absence.

  11. Thing 1 says:

    Sub Octavian (real name Phil Molodkovets) is a fucking douche bag and always has been. He helps design this shit to begin with and helps plan how to go about screwing people.

  12. Thing 1 says:

    Annnnnnd LOCKED!

    Fucking douche bags! Whiskey let them have it. Two posts later, locked.

  13. kranvagn says:
    Another one locked, they are such cowards. Hope they get sued one of these days for all the shit they have pulled.

  14. Thing 1 says:

    What a bunch of fucking criminals.

  15. kranvagn says:

    Agreed, and hope their asses get a wake up call soon and that this site grows even more. It’s these dumb whales that keep them afloat and are so stupid for wasting money on a fucked up video game made by shady shitten assholes that cater to fucking pedophiles. Wish they had a big kick in the nuts for their fucking shady ass hell business practices. I have said enough, keep up the great content and keep Wargaming on their toes.

  16. Thing 1 says:

    In the whales defense, they get what they pay for. They get to break all the fucking rules. And since they have no life and blow every last fucking dime they have on that stupid fucking game, Wargaming caters to them.

    What’s funny is that once they lose the ability to keep paying, they instantly join the ranks of the complainers, and of course suffer the safe fate.

  17. kranvagn says:
    Look Phil the manipulative marketing guy shows up and the guy who can’t pick sides Landedkiller posts too lol.

  18. Thing 1 says:

    Yeah. Locked up too. I love the all caps all bold wall of text LK posted. That’s how all his shit was he submitted here: a wall of fucking text or copy and pasted garbage I’d spend two hours trying to sort out just to make it fucking legible.

  19. kranvagn says:

    Wow he should have just typed it jeez. He is such an idiot and needs to be more respectful of you thing 1. You could have been doing other things in those two hours. Landedkiller you need to be more respectful of people’s time asshole he is.

  20. landedkiller says:

    Landekiller is still watching what is posted here and is not as dumb as you think Kranvagn. I could have spent more time on the post and should have. Being a a full time college student and working full time takes away from time that could have been spent towards that post. Thing 1 I do respect and am still watching what is going on here. So Kranvagn why don’t do you make like a tree and get out of here. At least I tried to contribute some to this website even if it was merely just copying and pasting some text. Read the Kasota article and see for yourself how pissed I was at Wargaming. I am still against Wargaming and have been close to getting forum banned, because I called out Sub_Octvain for his bullshit.

  21. kranvagn says:

    You don’t know how to spell your own name lol. Dude your the douchebag that can’t pick a fucking side and it shows. Your either with the program or your not. You can’t be pro Wargaming and anti Wargaming at the same time. Thing 1 has had enough of you go away asshole. Your a Benedict Arnold and it shows.

  22. landedkiller says:

    You ignorant idiot, I was tricked by fucking marketing and thought that shit would get better and it didn’t. I openly encouraged Scorpiany on the world of tanks forums to make addional posts here and have been active in speaking out against Wargaming. Thing 1 has had enough of me of course and I do understand that I can be a selfish prick at times, but I at least can own up to it. I’ll spell my name correctly then landedkiller that good for ya Kranvagn. I am fucking pissed at Wargaming and have been actively boycotting their games and am instead supporting Gaijin. I see Gaijin as being more open about their gameplay changes unlike fucking Wargaming. If thing 1 is still sore about the past he has every right to be and I deserve what I have been dealt. The games Wargaming has made have only turned into glorified gambling in my eyes not giving them another fucking penny ever again. So there you have it

  23. kranvagn says:

    Bravo idiot it doesn’t make up for making Thing 1 look stupid on his own website for still having your posts up. Get the point your not welcome here so go home and get the fuck outta here bitch. Your not welcome here anymore and of course Thing 1 keeps the posts up, because he can do whatever the fuck he pleases. Now get the fuck off this page and stop playing fucking video games and thinking that anyone cares about what you think, because they don’t. They have moved on with their own lives motherfucker. Now leave and don’t bother commenting on here again.

  24. Azumaya22 says:

    This post has been deleted by Thing 1

    Reason: Dude, don’t sign up from your fucking I Phone on Reddit just to come here and make this post. Use a real account or don’t post at all.

  25. Thing 1 says:

    Annnnnnnnnd panties are all kinds of fucking wadded up all of a sudden.

    @Landed – Dude, for a “full time student”, you sure as fuck spend more time playing games and posting on forums than anybody else I know with the possible exception of GeorgePreddy. So give it a fucking rest.

    @kravagn – LOL @ You don’t know how to spell your own name

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