Giulio Cesare – A Case for Fraud

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  1. kranvagn says:

    State of the game is terrible especially since they implemented a World of Warplanes into the Cv’s in World of Warships at least it is more balanced than before. The AA still needs work on many ships and it should balance out. Giulio Cesare is a bait and switch and who knows what the next ship will be Nickolai, Belfast, Kamikaze, or any one of the op premiums. It will end when someone pulls together a class action against them. Nobody has tried it seems as of yet. They must be losing money hard as they are putting up more sales compared to last year. Who knows what the future holds at this point surprised that an article hasn’t been written on the multiple different currencies in World of Warships yet. Maybe someone will get around to it eventually, but this was a good read.

  2. Gomez_Adams says:

    I’m betting it will wind up just like World of Tanks: inundated with premiums to the point it’s World of WarPremiums with MM so bad and clan trolls so profuse and stat mongers so ridiculously over the top that people will slowly start to leave it as well.

    Fact is, Wargaming have lost 10’s of millions of dollars in their banking stock alone, let alone all the lost revenues from the decline of World of Tanks, the complete failure of World of Warplanes, Total War Arena (which didn’t even last a year), the heavy decline of World of Tanks, and now a lot of the same complaints appearing about World of Warships.

    I see Warships doing the same exact thing that ran so many off from Tanks. It’s going to end the same way.

  3. Mr_Alex says:

    @Thing1, Gomez, Insurrectional_Leftist and etc

    I am not sure how true the rumors are but there was chat on reddit where someone mentioned Wargaming’s Financial Situation is pretty dire and they don’t think Wargaming as a whole will not last long at all

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Too bad there never were any “Premium maps.” That’s something everyone would loved to have wanted. But no, all we got was the same ole broken maps simply re-skinned with the new broken gloss over. -Psst- What a mess. Never fear, Wargaming will use this an idea to actually come up with a way to charge $ players for playing on “Premium Maps”, watch and see if they don’t. That’s how they roll.

    They’ll come up with an igneous way to bill your account/per battle for your tank to appear on an number of premium excellently done maps that play better, etc… For a nominal amount of Gold/per battle $$$.

    Anything is possible with them, after the insurance policies against losses, if Match Maker gave you a rough losing streak,,, I really believe they would do anything. The Fraud has no bounds with Wargaming.

  5. Thing 1 says:

    God damnit Leftist!!! STOP GIVING THEM FUCKING IDEAS, MAN!!!

    @Mr_Alex, yeah. It is man. They are well and truly fucked.

    @Gomez – thanks large for covering my ass. Feeling a bit better now. It’s much appreciated.

  6. Mr_Alex says:


    I heard the other day from my cousin who is a Supertester in the Asia server, he mentioned the other day that bots are being implemented and also the Russian and Europe players have been given access to Asia server as well. He calls the European and Russian players in terms of behaviour as severely toxic.

  7. Thing 1 says:

    When your entire fucking life is a video game, that’s how you turn out – toxic.

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