Giulio Cesare – A Case for Fraud

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  1. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    omg… 🙂 Relax guys. The enemy is Wargaming. It’s going to be fine man. Just hang together, and we’ll all be here when the curtain falls down upon Wargaming in the Final Act.

  2. Thing 1 says:

    Annnnnnnnd word around the camp fire is that they have now CANCELLED the proposed move to T6.

    How ’bout them fucking apples, sports fans?

  3. kranvagn says:

    About dam time those idiots will go out business someday. Landedkiller calm the heck down enough is enough dude. Thing 1 I was pissed and should have controlled my anger better. He is a darn whale after all. Looking forward to your next post.

  4. Gotti_The_Dog says:

    Thx for the article Gomez_Adams, and EWOT. I’m a new visitor and was just looking the site over and this article struck as so SO “hit the nail on the head” true. They even do it with their standard tech tree vehicles. Spend months of life grinding and free xping a line to get the current tier 10 flavor of the season for clan wars, after owning it half the time that it took you to get it, they determine “it needs rebalanced, I guess you gotta spend your money time and effort on the next one now.” I haven’t been on my main account (Titan_363, NA server) since I read about the next update nerfs (update, 1.5) picking on arty and type 5. It just pisses me off to no end. We can’t have tier 10 arty hit you for 400 hp and 15 seconds of stun, but its ok if a JgPz E 100 hammers ya in the face for 1500 or 1800. And the type 5, I don’t know how they reach the claimed “average alpha” they advertise in the specs, but I average about 400hp a hit with the prem round, and now they want to reduce the alpha for it by 500 if I’m understanding correctly. Well sorry for the rant, just meant to acknowledge the time you guys spend. Thank you.

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    They can’t stop ripping the players off. Everything you said is true. I could quote so many examples here I could write a book! I spent the endless hours of grinding, spent money $, long hours on end playing for a about close to 5.5 years on the game. And the took my Waffentragger E100 away from me completely ( after I suffered all the nerfs, and gave me that piece of crap in place of it etc.) I ground every tank in the German Tech tree except for the tier X arty, and the last 2 new light tanks, ( basically had the whole German tech tree, all the perms except fore about shy of 2 perm tanks ) And they changed all the dynamics, nerfed, robbed, depleted all the vehicles around that I worked so hard to get !!! And even paid for!! (They would do it ‘indirectly by indirect nerfs: map changes that aided certain nations, and hurt other nations! Map rotations, map changes, game changes, mechanics changes, etc. you name it Tanks can be nerfed indirectly by not even touching the vehicle even.)
    The force people to want to grind in other directions, to spend more money $, and most importantly “Time.” They desperately need players to keep playing to keep the game running. Most of the average players have given up on stats! The stats ( con-job ) is rigged all the way to Mars, and people finally figure that out, and no longer play for stats, unless they have devoted their entire lives ( no – life – people ), and even still, their not honest brokers even. That’s a story within itself.
    I have plenty of tier X’s, and about 8 tier X’s not even purchased even! Because I no longer saw any use in spending the 6 something million credits to buy the damn things! It wasn’t worth it. Money loss playing them, it’s a rigged tier (x) to play in, bad games, and losing streaks etc.
    It’s a master con job my friend! Take it from me. I hardly even play anymore, Last time I played was back in January. And had not even played for 9 months prior to that. After that damn new patch dropped, 1.0 onward they crippled the damn game!!! Maps, Nerfs, OP vehicles, Russian OP vehicles, pay to win shit, “It’s an absolute joke man.”
    I decided to play a few games say tomorrow, I only play for shits n giggles now! Nothing more! I have tanks on 4 tech trees over there, and could be pushed for 4 new tier X’s and I don’t even care to bother with it. Don’t even want to play that disaster tier 9 to even get the tier X’s at all.
    I would only play my premiums, and the vehicles I have fun with,, { IF THEY HAVE NOT BE FUCKED OVER BY NOW}
    It’s a very sore subject with me actually. And they wonder why the game is dying, and all the players have left them?

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