Carriers and Arty – a lesson in Wargaming’s ineptitude

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  1. Gomez_Adams says:

    This is exhibit A on not only why so many people have quit playing both games, but in general what is wrong with Wargaming as a whole.

    Most every honorable Warships Community Contributor quite a year or more ago for one simple reason: Wargaming didn’t care what they thought. All Wargaming wants are rubber stamp yes men to talk about how great everything Wargaming does is.

    Nobody wanted the Graf Zeppelin the way it was. Everybody knew it was ridiculously OP. Wargaming ignored them all.

    Nobody wanted many things that Wargaming have done. They ignored them all and look where they are now: having to settle for “still playing” awards that they literally paid for and invented themselves.

    It’s a crying shame too as both games started out so very, very good. That they are what they are now is, or at least should be, a crime.

  2. Rafalefighter47 says:

    Thing 1, for every piece of material you put up, it’s always credible. I know I’ve been on here for many months, but still. Anyway, I just had a battle in my 113(Chinese Tier 10 Heavy), and I ended up with 2.3k damage(and I got the video to prove it. In fact, I’ll personally send it to you, Thing 1. No toxic behavior, but this could be a good video to show how obnoxiously bad artillery is in this game), and I was kicking this Super Conqueror’s butt, when, of course, arty ruins everything. Arty stuns, splashes, and fast reloads. Can’t get any better than that, right?

  3. Zeedox says:

    Arty tears?

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    And now, low population server, affecting a troubled Match Maker is not offset by maps which are simply the old one’s re-skinned, a few objects moved around, and higher graphics settings that most people cannot run on their computers (which they have to lower their graphics settings in order to get the game to run on their systems, and they can’t appreciate anyway ). And “Pay-to-Win” has chased many away.” It defeated the many hours people put into the game honestly grinding for hours on end, or even still training crews etc. Or having tanks nerfed, removed, or traded out by Wargaming.

    The list of reasons are so endless, to why people have left we could make Quicky Baby’s time line look like a midget of reasons on a population curve of why this game has died on ships and Tanks. Quicky left out a Shit Ton of reason why the population was dropping! I was a aghast at how limited his reason were on his little curve were on his video clip “Is the Game Dying.”

  5. Mr_Alex says:


    I spent the morning looking into the World of Warships Reddit page, a lot of players are now realising the Aircraft Carrier Rework they seriously begged for resulted with Aircraft Carriers being severely buffed rather than nerfed, some of them are calling it quits because the new Rocket attack aircraft will destroy their Anti Aircraft defenses on their ship easily and they do not want Aircraft Carriers to have unlimited planes, those that tried to plead to Wargaming on not to allow the rework through are finding it the hard way that they are getting ignored as well as Wargaming has decided that the rework will be implemented in January

  6. Mr_Alex says:

    @Thing1, Gomez, Zeedox and etc

    I am not sure if this surprises you. Many people who have played the Public Test including myself who gave feedback have said that unlimited planes in any form is big time OP despite having a timer being implemented on how long it takes to replenish the Dive and Torpedo Bomber squadrons. Instead lately the fan boys are saying unlimited aircraft is not OP and some of them have gone as extreme as to saying that the penalty timer for losing planes should be removed

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