Wargaming strikes again #Blackshipgate

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  1. landedkiller says:

    Thing 1 you have my two articles.
    That should be enough for you to use for ads. Shadora and I both agree that you just use people for your own gain. It is with this in mind that I will not be writing any further content on this website and I will screenshot this comment so it won’t matter if you edit it out. Here is a tip if you want to keep people treat them with Respect. You came at Shadora like a blind mutt when he was talking about stocks in general. Obviously the stocks weren’t the same in game. Scottsdale Arizona is a nice place I hear. Go daddy is your domain as well I see. From all those that you have treated like crap all these years we don’t care what you write as it is nonsense and half truths at the end of the day. You came at me like you did Shadora like a blind mutt without bothering to check the edit history on the Wikipedia article itself. Ohh and don’t even think about writing an article on Shadora or me as we have traced you back to your own house. Stop ruining people’s lives and go back to running the warehouse. People have lives to get back to. Again this will be screenshotted and will be saved.

  2. Thing 1 says:

    Well, pal, you’re entitled to your opinion, however fucked up it is. Let’s talk about a few facts:

    1. You have NEVER posted ONE SINGLE THING I didn’t have to spend a monumental amount of time cleaning up and figuring out. Your last post was so completely fucking worthless, that NOBODY but ONE GUY figured it out: Zeedox. And even after he pointed out to me where it was it was so full of shit that Wikipedia had already deleted it.

    2. You got your ass kicked off of Wikipedia for that same stupid bullshit post.

    3. Shadora was fucking wrong. Flat out. Full stop. You’re both fucking wussies that can’t take any sort of criticism whatsoever. I’ve asked you several times to PLEASE take your fucking time and make posts that make sense so I wouldn’t have to spend more time fixing the shit than it would have for me to write it from scratch. What do you do? Post more ridiculous, cryptic bullshit that nobody can make sense from and then get all butthurt when you get called on it AGAIN.

    4. I don’t get ANYTHING out of you and Shadora’s shit. There is no money here. There is no advertising here. This was a place for you to vent and nothing more. I think my hundreds of articles trump the flying fuck out of your 2 by a SUBSTANTIAL margin. You both have a VERY HIGHLY INFLATED opinion of yourselves.

    Screen shot all you want, asshat. You’re the one that’s so fucking illiterate your shit makes no sense to anybody.

    Oh…and I forgot number 5: Go fuck yourself.

  3. Gomez_Adams says:

    That escalated quickly.

  4. Thing 1 says:

    It always does with fucking idiots.

  5. Gomez_Adams says:

    Well, I didn’t even realize the other post was on Wikipedia. I had assumed he was talking about the World of Warships wiki and was looking there for a new post with his name on it.

    I would never have guessed that it was an actual Wikipedia entry.

  6. Thing 1 says:

    I thought the same exact fucking thing. If Zeedox hadn’t PM’d me about it the other day with a link, I would have never fucking known at all.

    Which takes me back to my original point: if what you post is so fucking cryptic that nobody can figure it the fuck out, then you need to do a better fucking job.

    Or you can be like him and get booted off the fucking Wikipedia site and make an ass of yourself here to a guy that had to perpetually clean up your shit posting before anybody could even read it.

  7. Gomez_Adams says:

    The fact that he chose to post his displeasure with you on his post you spent hours cleaning up that had no comments on it rather than the cryptic post only Zeedox ever figured out that you last had a disagreement with is, I’m sure, purely coincidental.

  8. Thing 1 says:

    That’s true. I didn’t even consider that this morning probably because I was really fucking pissed off. That said, I’m going to edit his story and add the bullshit he’s trying to dodge. Fuck him and his dyslexic ass.

  9. Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea says:

    Jesus H on a pogo-stick! Wow! Black vehicles again…


  10. Thing 1 says:

    Yes! Because apparently a vehicle with a simple black camo overlay is just so much different and worth another 50 fucking dollars.

  11. kranvagn says:

    Black camo just sucks and is a lazy effort by Wargaming. Honestly, where is the creativity in this? Landedkiller you idiot Thing_1 was giving you everything and you turn on him. WTF is wrong with you Landedkiller ? Shit, he is a whale and you let him post here. Look at all the fucking tanks he owns and the fucking ships too.

  12. Thing 1 says:

    There’s just no pleasing some people. You give them an inch, they think they’re a fucking ruler.

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