Wargaming Game Center Outrage

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  1. landedkiller says:

    Thank you Thing 1

  2. Thing 1 says:

    No problem. Thanks for submitting it. You had another post that nothing was ever typed into so I trashed it.

  3. Zeedox says:

    Fuck that noise by wg.

  4. TheFouledAnchor says:

    Well ain’t that some bullshit. Looks like my decision to tell WoWShits to KMFA was well timed. Greedy assed sumuvabeetches…

    I thought Craptivision were some greedy bastards. They got nuthin’ on these clowns. Holy Shit… What a load of fuckheads…Shitbag motherfuckers even…

    I am a sub sailor, and we had this torpedoman that was from Mizzou. Farm boy, but one of the dumber ones. He was smart, but super dumb at the same time. He was blessed with a photographic memory, and would do Crazy shit like memorize the Reactor Plant Manual, and quote it. He could also tell you what it meant (mostly) he impressed or Engineer several times, and such.

    Now for the dumb side. We were sitting on Anchor watch back in the ass end of the sub, and the Eng was quizzing this torpedoman. He was impressed and told Larry (TM’s nickname) so. Then about five minutes after he left, TM1/SS paid Larry like $40 to eat a tangerine flavored condom he had from Singapore. Larry did it.

    Larry was an interesting Cat. Damn fine Torpedoman, but had the common sense of a kitten. We used to say about Larry:

    “You could take a Landmine, place it anywhere in a 1000 miles square, and then drop Larry out of an Airplane. His luck would run that the wind currents would blow him right on top of the landmine, and Larry would get blowed up. And if they didn’t, Larry would grab a stick, go and find the mine and poke it until it blew up.

    Wargamming just likes to run over and poke the mine, after it has stacked a couple of MK 84’s on top of it.

    Seriously? These guys are starting to remind me of Wiley E Coyote and catching the Road Runner. They come up with all kinds of stupid shit to make money, but only end up blowing themselves up in the long run.

    Post edited – combined two post into one per request by Thing 1

  5. Mr_Alex says:

    @Thing1, Gomez, Insurrectional_Leftist and etc:


    Notice how a huge majority of players are even saying they do not like the new launcher

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