Borsao Fucked by Wargaming – He’s not alone.

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  1. Zeedox says:

    Yes, I CAN believe it!
    We’ve seen wg time and again obfuscate, backpedal, lie and outright deny their own words.

  2. Thing 1 says:

    For me the real fucking shit is: this was a REAL WORLD thing. It wasn’t some fucking pixel tank with no real world value to speak of. At the very least, they should have bit the bullet and either bought and shipped him the fucking processor, or at least gotten him some sort of gift certificate of equal value to something along the same lines. A Tiger Direct gift card or some shit like that.

    The guy got totally fucked and winds up with worthless in game credits he can’t use for jack shit other than spamming gold.

    It’s fucking outrageous!!!

  3. Gomez_Adams says:

    Wow. Just wow. Just when you think they’ve done just about everything imaginable that’s low down, corrupt, and bordering on criminal, they do this.

    I’m simply stunned to a point I can not express in words.

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    God Damn !! Is there a fucking Attorney in the House ??? Jesus H Christ ( But, obviously he’s not at Wargaming )

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Better still I bet all that computer hardware was shipped back to poor ass, Belorussia some where?

  6. Thing 1 says:

    What I’m betting they did was apply for the processors using most of the “winners” names and get them shipped to themselves.

    Then they simply sold them on Ebay or used them for themselves. I mean, who’s going to do a fucking thing about it? What can you do?

    They know full well all they have to do is say “we have no record of your information, here’s some free credits that cost us nothing” and you’re shit out of luck.

    So far, it’s up to 9 now that have responded that never got the processor.

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    That is really terrible to do people that way. Wargaming has no shame at all, no conscience, no ethics, their a bunch of scheming, swindling, schysters !!

  8. Rafalefighter47 says:

    This is a grim reminder of how awful WG really is. Sorry about what happened to all the winners(it’s my way of being sympathetic), and these guys deserved to get their prizes 100%. But this reminds me of an incident I had with WG. Years ago, around 2012(? Bad memory) and paid for roughly $7 worth of gold(1250 to be exact) and the WG scumbags tried to rip $25 out of me in addition to the gold price. I actually threatened them that I would tell the FBI about this, and I actually was in the process of contacting the feds not the FBI website, and my threat worked! They wised up a teeny bit and though they locked my account(yeah I had to go to a freaking money gram to pay the gold price. Wrap your heads around that!), I paid the original price, and those scamming saps never got their previous $25. Next time this happens, I’m going to take a picture of this and send it to the FBI. Maybe they’ll step in. That would be really awesome.

  9. Thing 1 says:

    The FBI wouldn’t give a shit. The FCC would.

    Well, out of the 50 we contacted, 38 have responded. 9 never received a thing and went through a similar experience. 29 received theirs. So it breaks down like this:

    Didn’t respond: 24%
    Didn’t receive prize: 18%
    Received prize: 58%

    Now if we apply that sample to the overall picture, it basically means that around 50 processors went missing and/or were never claimed. Folks, that’s worth about $17,500. Even if you sell them half price on Ebay, it’s still a lot of fucking cash.

  10. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    I bet the other 24% took the pixel tanks, and are ashamed to respond, I believe? I could be wrong about that? That’s just a theory on my part only. What other reason might they not be responding?

  11. Rafalefighter47 says:

    Even so, it would be so nice if the Feds stepped in and dealt with these morons, after all, you CAN fill out a complaint with the FBI. 🙂 That is an awful lot of lost and misused money, and if the Feds gave a crap, Victor Kislyi may be arrested by Belarussian authorities.

  12. Thing 1 says:

    @Leftist – it’s hard to say. A lot of people have multiple accounts with emails they only used once to verify the account, so they may not have ever gotten the alert that we sent them a message. The only other way they would know is if they visited the official forum and saw the alert there.

    It’s far more likely the guys just never knew they were messaged or simply didn’t give a shit than anything else.

  13. landedkiller says:

    Just wait till you see my article on their latest attempt to fuck players. I am sure you’ll enjoy it. Just hit submit a few minutes ago hopefully it gets published. Wargaming really messed up this guy’s purchase.

  14. Thing 1 says:

    I was under the impression that the current game center did the same fucking thing. After all, you HAVE to use it. You can’t update the game without it. So when you launch it to update the game, they get all your info anyway.

    It seems like all they’re doing now is making it to where you can’t launch the game without it so they have access to all of your data while you’re playing as well.

    All these fucking internet things do it. Steam has been doing it for years. Wargaming is just now playing catchup…although why they’re bothering with it now that they’ve run off the majority of their player base is anybody’s guess.

  15. landedkiller says:

    Well the Wargaming center sends information to more third parties than the current launcher out of Ukraine of all places some Nokia llc company.

  16. PrinzEugen85 says:

    Unreal. My condolences to these guys.

  17. Shadora says:

    None of this surprises me and anyone would be a fool to trust this company by grinding away for days or weeks to get a real world prize.

    The company is unethical and is being run into the ground by bad management. When a product is hot and is selling like hotcakes you don’t need to be a good businessman or woman, but when things turn south, that is when you need to have the ability to sense the problem and try to correct it before it falls off the cliff.

    This company has fallen off the cliff. It is in a freefall right now and there is no one at the wheel. All management is doing is trying to force feed a dogshit MM scheme that some bean counter figured on a spreadsheet would make them more money down everyone’s throat.

    Their explanations are dogshit. First, they try to blame preferential MM and the entire world called BS, and then they phase shifted into saying their dogshit MM doesn’t have a fail safe to make you not be bottom tier 80% or more of the time and to just wait six months so they can tweak the dogshit MM so you still keep the 3/5/7 dogshit MM but won’t be bottom tier 80% or more of the time.

    This is total BS. They didn’t even test the new dogshit 3/5/7 MM on the test server because they knew there would be an outcry from the masses. That’s right, zero testing, and now they want you to wait six months until they can tweak their dogshit MM slightly but retain the dogshit 3/5/7 eternally bottom tier format. FU

  18. Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea says:

    This is complete and total shit. Is there a Better Business Bureau thing that can be done? Class Action Lawsuit?

    ~Beorn (been dealing with some health stuff, sorry I have been scarce of late)

  19. Mr_Alex says:

    @Thing1, Gomez and Insurrectional_Leftist

    Are you guys aware the CV Rework during the weekend was given a preview, well many CV mains like Farazalleth and etc are calling quits because Wargaming are incoporating World of Warplanes gameplay/mechanics into the plane squadrons

  20. Thing 1 says:

    Sounds like a walking, talking, breathing clusterfuck.

  21. Mr_Alex says:


    What really pissed a lot of CV mains off is that when Sub_Octavian the developer admitted that all Aircraft Carriers after the rework will no longer have their air superiority and strike configurations, after the rework all CV’s will only have 1 Fighter, 1 Dive Bomber and 1 Torpedo Bomber Squadron

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