LeoAQ – Shit Talking Moron Extraordinaire

Well folks, another day another video of a trash talking moron in World of Tanks.

This episode is brought to you by Rafalefighter47.

Now, LeoAQ is one of those assholes that makes you really scratch your head. I mean, one could understand somebody losing their shit if they were the ONLY one really doing anything, were quite good at it, and were completely fucked over by one individual.

Not that we condone losing your shit, but at least we would be able to understand why you did.

But this one takes it out a whole new door. LeoAQ starts out from the very beginning of the game on Rafalefighter47 before they even start fighting. He (LeoAQ) talks as if he’s some sort of end-all / be-all World of Tanks Super Uniscum asshat.

Fact is, he isn’t. He’s an also ran at best.

Yeah. Not what you’d call an absolute authority on the game by any standard. But that doesn’t stop him from being judge, jury, and executioner on Rafalefighter47’s poor, unsuspecting ass.

The game starts off with Rafalefighter47 in his IS 7 trying to head east and set up camp behind a rock. Meanwhile, LeoAsshole takes his Type 4 heavy out into the middle of the flat river and lets arty pound his ass slap to death, and pretty much blames Rafalefighter47 for it.

What’s more, another asshole CSmoke sets up right behind Rafalefighter47, then blocks him out, then parks in front of him, then smack talks Rafalefighter47 as well because it’s all his fault he gets pummeled as well.

Now, as mentioned before, LeoAS starts in immediately talking about how Rafalefighter47 sucks…this despite the fact that LeoAS is sitting out in the middle of the fucking creek just getting his ass pummeled by arty but he REFUSES to move a fucking inch.

What’s more, the other assholes giving Rafa some shit are doing the same thing.

What’s more than that, THREE of them: BobLeeSwagger_, CSmoke and russmc had only ONE SINGLE IS-7 ENEMY TO FACE. And they ALL THREE were killed by ONE GUY.

Here’s a shot of the setup right before the shit really hit the fan:

Now at this point, Rafalefighter47 figures that BobLeeSwagger_ and Russ and what used to be LeoAQ could handle a single IS 7 as he faced three tanks directly ahead of him with only CSmoke backing him up.

He figured wrong. They all three got owned by the IS 7 and the fact that they all sat perfectly still on level ground and got arty shot to death. It’s fucking laughable to watch. They just take hit after hit after hit and just fucking sit there.

Then of course they all die.

Then, in typical World of Tanks fashion, they all blame Rafalefighter47.


All his fault, eh?

Then explain this, shitheads:

ALL THREE of the shit talkers are below him on the XP chart.


Here’s a tip for you three: Shut your fucking pie hole. It’s better to be thought a complete idiot, than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

After the meltdown, Rafalefighter47 backs up trying to hold off the enemy as long as he can and does a reasonable job of it. They wind up winning with a cap from the other half of the team.

The point here isn’t that Rafalefighter47 is some awesome, God’s-gift-to-the-game player. The point is that he, like the others in the game, are just average guys playing a fucking video game. But for some reason, the other guys felt it necessary to blame a guy that actually did a much better job than they did for their own failures.

Why is that?

Well, probably because Wargaming condones that sort of thing. After all, they’ve never, ever done one single solitary thing to stop it.

Here’s the full video of the game. It’s not a stellar performance on anybody’s part by any means. If nothing else, it’s an exhibit A as to why pretty much everybody should just keep their fucking mouths shut and play the game.


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  1. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Heck yea, they gave me a 30-day all right. A 7-day ban, 3-day bans, etc all that stuff.

  2. Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea says:

    My first strike was a 24 hour inability to post. I could read, but not post.

    I of course contested it, and I was, of course, ignored.

    Oh well…

  3. Zeedox says:

    The amount of apologists on those forums for wg (whose slogan should be “We’re too fail, to big”) is staggering.

  4. Thing 1 says:

    That happens when your entire failed and miserable existence is wrapped up in a free-to-play pixel tank game. You lose any and all credibility and rationality.

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