Taugrim – Yet Another Asshole Poser

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  1. Gomez_Adams says:

    Why am I not surprised?

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    It’s like an onion, there’s always another layer underneath.

  3. Icon_Charlie says:

    45 and working in a no where type of job…. BUT a he’s gud with digital pew pew…. Typical… fanboi… Hell I was fucking retired at 43. I remember the shock on my bosses faces when I told them all to suck a dick and left. Moral of the Story… Get your priorities straight. Real life comes first. This is only a game and really not that good of one anymore.

  4. Beornotns says:

    Good on ya for retiring at 43! Here I am, staring 50 in the face, and nowhere NEAR retirement… And you are all better at WoT than me too…

    Oh well… At least my daughter is getting a decent education…


  5. Icon_Charlie says:

    Beornotns You are doing the right thing on taking care of family. I retired because I had enough of the bullshit of dealing with other people’s bullshit. And I could do it because my investment strategy worked out correctly. “It takes money to make money and if you save money you can make money”. BUT… Take care of your family… to me that is far more important than the all mighty dollar. Some people tend to forget that fact.

  6. TheFouledAnchor says:

    Well, again, ain’t that some shit? Never really watched much of his stuff, but I always thought he was a nice guy. Wrong again. Just another big fat hairy monkeyfucker.

  7. WolfAttack_1 says:

    The “415” area code is not California. I get it that it is a P.O. box. What’s with that?

  8. Thing 1 says:

    It’s his T-Mobile cellular phone number registered in his wife’s name. His credit is fucked, so he can’t get one himself.

  9. Icon_Charlie says:

    @ WolfAttack Area Code 415 is in the San Francisco/Marin area but you can take your area code number with you on your cell to where ever you live currently

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