The Present State and Future of World of Tanks and Wargamming (Part I of II)

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  1. Rafalefighter47 says:

    No surprise that WG’s management sucks more than a tornado outbreak….

  2. Icon_Charlie says:

    I’ll have to post something a bit later… You are too kind and give too much credit on the development department.

  3. Dirty_Camel says:

    Good review. The RNG/MM portion of WOT enrages me. I’ve played over 50k games and can pretty much determine a win or loss in the first minute of the match based on two factors. 1. deployment failure means you got the MM shaft (no xvm needed). 2. First shots bounce where they should pen. I usually see this when I am Top tier Vs lower tiers. RNG just won’t let me rape lower tiers. I will come out of an all T10 match with 5k damage, hop in the next battle where I am 1 of 3 T10’s and can’t muster 3k damage because of 100% RNG rolls…. it makes ZERO sense. So my gun can pen a Maus, IS7, Obj140, but not an IS3, Tiger II, or T44. Drives me Must! Tanking Skill in Wot is how well you play against Mm and RNG, not how well you play against others. If you watch a unicum play in pubs, they will fire twice as much as a normal player. They dont necessarily pen more, but they fire more. What makes him purple is the ability to live longer. After battle you can look at his pen rate and it will normally be around 60% (average)… difference being he fired twice as many shots to get that 4k of damage (purple Wn8). If RNG wasnt applied in WOT, every match would last about 2 minutes, so i understand why it’s needed, but it drives me nuts!

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    @ Dirty Camel.. Dude after 30-days I came back for a few game the last 2 nights. Holy Cow. I cannot get any damage hardly at all !! Rounds are bouncing off everything. RNG is going NUTS. MM is giving me Blow out Steam roller losses out the Ass. I mean pathetic damage. Hell on a bad night with the old WOT I could get better damage than this no shit !! Everyone is lost on the maps. No one knows where to go !!

    I’ve never seen anything like this before! It’s like some type of overall Nerf has occurred on the game, and on certain tanks etc.

    what the fuck have they done? And the ULTRA settings rob so much performance from the game. The mechanics don’t seem to work like they used to. You can see as well, view range, and the Maps has some other issues I can’t put my figure on yet.

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    PS Tier 8 has gotten even worse I think…

  6. Beornotns says:

    I have been having some REALLY QUESTIONABLE bounces and non-pens lately… Like, even on fucking artillery? I am still, slowly, improving my personal win % and all that jazz, but it seems that I have to knuckle down each and every match or it will be a fucking steamroll…

  7. Dirty_Camel says:

    @ IL, I feel ya, with the new tracers you can actually see when RNG clearly fucks you over in the aiming department. 1.0 has actually made me play less due to what you stated. Why aim….. when the round isn’t going to go where you are aiming? To do it over and over is just stupid! I am however, rerolling on another account to test for MM differences over a couple thousand battles. Due to the decrease in my interest in the game itself, it’ll take awhile to gather the data needed. As for T8 battles, my lorr on my original account has seen twice as many T10 battles over a 100 game span than the lorr on my new account… I find that intetesting in a ‘random’ setting. After 1k battles we’ll see if they got the same MM as all the fanboys love to claim. Also, $50 Tomatoes are a clear contributor to the epic fail of T8’s…. nothing new there. It’s like putting a baby in the game as Quarterback. Especially when there are 2 or more, how effective can a team be with 4 babies on the starting offense? No chance at all….. WG seems to think it’s great for gameplay, the bottomed out player base says otherwise.

  8. Dirty_Camel says:

    @beo. Played a lot of arty in my last couple sessions, GW and T92. I do more damage when I splash than from a direct hit. I stopped aiming directly at and started aiming just beside the tanks, which makes ZERO sense as a mechanic of the game. I even direct hit an IS7 with the HE from Gw and got Crit hit no damage.

  9. Beornotns says:

    @Dirty_Camel – I was in an arty for the personal missions for the T-55A, and I hit a AT15A and did nothing, I landed next to it and hit for 200+… weird

  10. Shadora says:

    The games are mindless and unplayable most of the time. This is not a game you can take seriously because the game is out of your hands most of the time. You either get a team that can win or you get a team that will lose, and RNG will decide the game.

    The reason RNG is so bad now is that the MM wasn’t enough to make people lose when they wanted them to lose due to there being too many sub 50% players. They have to use RNG in order for those +50% players to lose when they have better teams statistically but making them miss and not pen shots.

    The game is a mess right now and there is nothing WG can do to fix it because they have no idea what they are doing. They rely too much on analyzing the game but yet scouts have no role and the maps still play terrible. their answer to try and stop corridor maps is to make the playing field flatter. That was the best they could do.

    They are grasping at straws hoping the population doesn’t continue to drop worldwide in all of their games because they are a one-trick pony. All of their games play the same and are being propped up by premium sales. That is all they know how to do.

    They cannot find a game-mode people will enjoy and they have no answers except create a new premium tank and new tank lines. That won’t keep this game afloat much longer.

    Part II will be much shorter and more to the point with dates and numbers. This was a long read and most people playing already know the reasons why the game is failing. I hope to have it done in a few days.

  11. Beornotns says:

    But, the average IS a 49% player. Because of draws. 49% wins, 49% losses, 2% draws. So, 50% is slightly above average. Statistically speaking, right?

  12. Shadora says:


    Yes. The average player is roughly 49.something% WR. Draws are losses for both teams when they should be “half-wins,” for both teams. In those instances they could either split the winner XP bonus in half and add the loser bonus then divide by two, or just credit them both with a “half-win” and come up with an XP formula for tie games for both teams equally.

  13. Beornotns says:

    I am pretty sure a topic I just made was deleted. I posted it, and then used mass transit to get to work. Upon arrival at work… NO thread… No mention of anything anywhere; not even in the locked threads.

    Unless it didn’t take from my home computer. But I am pretty certain it did.

    And, it WAS titled, “I had forgotten x5 brings out the window-licking flipper-babies”

    So… yeah, I can see why that may cause offense.

  14. Donward says:

    Agreed on the maps issue. They’ve taken away maps with this update and made some worse. Erlenberg is a prime example of this where they have flattened the terrain and taken away all cover. This map now rewards the team which camps the back row the hardest.
    Agreed on the mm issue. About 2/3s of the matches I play are coin flips where 1/3 of my team is either dead in the first 2 to 3 minutes or the enemy is dead.
    But the most frustrating is what WoT has done to the Tier 8 tanks. As an amateur historian, I prefer to play historical tanks mainly of the World War 2/early Cold War era vintage. Given my druthers, I’d only play Tier 2 to Tier 8 tanks. The Tier 9 tanks I play are mainly to chase missions which are only achievable if you play a high tier tank. And since 2010 I have refused to play Tier X for a variety of reasons which are my own.
    When WoT “fixed” the matchmaker awhile back evening out the Tier distribution, I was happy since I would only face Tier 10s in 1/4 to 1/3 of my matches.

    It is NOT like that anymore.

    The past couple of months, anywhere from 75 to 90 percent of my matches in any Tier 8 class (premium, heavy, med) I’m stuck in a Tier X match. And that is statistically impossible other than WoT intentionally forcing players to continue to fail/pay-to-play up the Tier scale to 9 and 10.

    There is ZERO point in playing Tier 8 anymore, particularly when games are decided on what team has the most (South American/Bots/43-percenters) at Tier X on one side versus the other.

  15. Shadora says:

    I think you were right Icon_Charlie. The maps have several issues that should have been worked through but weren’t. One I mentioned about thinking you have a clean shot and seeing the target visible to you but you hit the rock you are behind, but there are two more.

    The second issue is being hit behind rocks that you are completely behind. I have seen this on a few maps and it’s getting old fast.

    The third is on Glacier. The team on the northern side can climb the frozen ships and you cannot hit them from there due to lack of gun elevation. It’s really pathetic this would not have been weeded out, but there it is in all its misery.

    These are the kinds of things that can happen when you make drastic changes to the game and some should be expected, but this was not a flawless update. The populations are already going back down towards what they were before the update and it happened too fast. they needed this to carry over for a few months, but it appears it will only give a slight boost for a month and a half. Not worth three years of time, money and neglecting the rest of the game and its most severe problems.

    From a business standpoint Update 1.0 is a major failure.

  16. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    @ Shadora .. Yes, I have come to this conclusion also. I personally have come to the conclusion to myself that I feel that The 1.0 Patch is a “Failure”. I really do mean that. I’ve only played just 3 evenings (late evenings) after my 30-day break period. At first I thought my 30 break what hindering me? But, I soon realized, “nope” it wasn’t. Then after a few games, I soon came to the conclusion, omg “these maps!” Everyone was lost on them ( including myself ), I realized they changed them in very fundamental ways. They don’t play the same way they used to at all. The changed elevation points, deliberately change hard objects, placements of objects, created new boundaries, and put SO much extra foliage, ( the kind that gets in your way when to make a shot, not the kind that helps at you from getting shot!)
    And they have done something to view range? Also when you try to play ARTY they have used some type of nerf in the mechanics how you try to aim or hit? I could tell it right off the bat. In my Grille, French & German Tier 9 arites shells were flying about a mile ! off target. every tank I tried to hit could not be hit etc.

    The RNG was just MASSIVE ! and the MM was just setting up to lose from the start, I have that little indicator mod installed from Aslains mod Pack, which will show the chance to win, WN8 balance before the game, and during progress of the game. Each time it did predict the outcome oddly.

    There have been some drastic changes to this game for sure. The mechanics are acting very, very, very strangely when you play the tanks.

    It’s as if it’s not what its cracked up to be. Some more things have been changed that I don’t believe they are telling everyone about?

    I think it’s a fail sad to say.

  17. Shadora says:

    They fked up the game badly, it is no longer playable with this rigged MM. The issue is there are too many bad players left and they want to keep everyone at roughly a 50% WR so you get long streaks of rigged helpless games.

    From now on I will refer to Wargaming as WriggedGaming and World of Tanks as “World of Blanks” to denote the pathetic “casino slot-machine RNG” which makes the gun useless almost every time you fire it.

    The game is unplayable IMO and the worst piece of shit I’ve ever experienced in online gaming. Nothing really comes close to how bad this has become. I’m about to hang it up due to there being no point of even playing when the games are already decided before they begin.

    Hopefully they find a way to turn it around but right now this game is just not worth the aggravation. It truly has become a skill-less game. I’m playing a couple of other games which are fun and more relaxing and involve a lot more skill than this. How I long for the days of UO Pre-Trammel, or even DAOC in its hay-day.

  18. Thing 1 says:

    The game has been fucked up for years. That’s the problem. And it’s the same fucking problems now that they were then.

    In the end, this is the same exact game that was in play when they ditched Ubisoft during development. I honestly now think that it’s not that Wargaming don’t want to fix the shit, it’s that they just don’t fucking know how.

    I think all they have are several skin modelers that just hurl more and more high res textures at the game while copy and pasting the same tank models over and over again and changing a few parameters. That’s it. That’s all they’ve got.

    They don’t have a single statistician on the team telling them how fucked up their MM formula is and how to fix it, or how completely full of shit their spotting equations are, or how ridiculously bad their RNG is and what it does to predictability.

    In the end, what you have are some Laymen assholes that are completely fucking clueless hurling more shit into the same exact formulas they were using back in 2010 and guessing at every single value they enter as they go along.

    THAT is why the game has gotten progressively worse – they literally don’t have a fucking clue what they’re doing.

  19. landedkiller says:

    I give them one to two years and they will be long gone from North America and Europe will start declining thereafter. I beleive the popularity of Fortnite and Pubg will also be drawing more people away from wargaming games. I don’t see them being successful in the long term eventually they will lose Europe and then Russian server will slowly fade away. It’s only a matter of time at this point. I hope someone pitches the idea to Activision to come out with a game similar to World of Warships or Tanks they would at least have more common sense then Wargaming. It’s about the only game studio I respect these days besides Bethesda whom is yet to make a world war 2 rpg, but if they did I bet they would knock it out of the park.

  20. Shadora says:

    The game has been rigged garbage for years, you are right. The meeting they had with Quickbaby and friends a couple of years ago shows they have no fkign idea what they are doing. They are clueless as to class roles and attributes, view range, and making a workable MM system.

    They are as predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow in everything they do. Everything they do revolves around forcing people into doing what they want them to do which their accountants figured out on paper will increase revenue. Most of the changes make the game worse and they try to bleed more money out of people by using more silver, taking more time to grind, firing more shoots that miss, making players bottom tier most of the time versus higher tier, harder to pen tanks, therefore firing more premium rounds.

    I guarantee that the upcoming changes to ammo will include a higher overall cost of firing rounds. that is how they think and exactly why they are failing miserably worldwide. They do not think in terms of creating value. Their minds will not allow it. What they think is how can we bleed more blood from a stone by making the game worse by forcing players to do what they don’t want to do, like being, “eternally bottom tier.”

    Without some form of skill-based MM system, this game will continue to bleed players every year until they shut it down. It is WriggedGaming’s responsibility to create a competitive game, but they are falling flat on their faces. It is not reasonable to expect 10 tomatoes and 5 bananas on team A to beat 3 purples, 5 blues, 3 bananas and 4 tomatoes. It is the developers job to create a competitive game and they either don’t know how or they want the game this way because they end faster and faster games makes them more money.

    People on the WG forums have been complaining about the MM and blowout games for years and they just keep making it worse with the changes they make. They just ignore them all and now look at the predictable results. I wonder if their accountants figured out how shitty their bottom line would be after these pathetic changes. Whoever is making these terrible decisions should have been fired years ago.

  21. Icon_Charlie says:

    Well you know what’s WG reply is to this mess right??? Increase milking the people in the EU server with special deals and missions. Everything I have commented for years has and/or is coming true. There will be no change to the game mechanics. There will be the continue rigging going on. There will be the Continued Bots that are in the game in increasing numbers. There will be the cheat mods that have WG’s blessing which I believe to them licensing their product out to 3rd party companies.

    What I also believe that there will be a loot box system that will be a hybrid setup to be combined with the current game mechanics. Hell I even believe they will delve into the shadow market game economy even further that they are now in… if you notice all of the 3rd party giving out 500 gp and premium time of late. I even believe that those in higher management will everything that is already being done on Steam and try to apply it to this game.

    BUT they will NOT fix this game. It is not that they can’t. They can… but THEY WON”T…. Because it is easier to not put that much effort into something that in their minds is not broken.

    It is working as intended.

  22. landedkiller says:

    Wargaming is letting the pedophiles ruin world of warships with this Azur Lane shit. Really need to check out warthunder or see if elder scrolls online is any good. I see world of warships dieing off in one to two years at the rate they are going.

  23. Gomez_Adams says:

    I’d love to see everybody at War Thunder. I play planes but if a few folks I knew were playing tanks I’d get into them as well.

  24. Mr_Alex says:

    The Azur Lane thing in my opinion is really disgusting

  25. Thing 1 says:

    Yes it is. It’s pedophilia at it’s sickest form. How the fuck can they still think that shit is a good idea?

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