_SuperSpecialAgent_ of RELIC Cries Like A Bitch

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  1. Gomez_Adams says:

    Good to see that some things never change.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    RELIC still being total absolute big clan losers !! Wow. A bunch of big cry babies. Like no one else is suppose to touch them? They are so used to everything being catered to them. Little Jerks.

    And RELIC always walks around saying, “Why everyone says these things about us, and gives us a hard time for? As if their not supposed to deserve it after what they do on a daily basis?”

    And as you pointed out, “The Gayest Clan on Earth” And that’s perfectly fine… Just be who you are. They should even advertise themselves on the clan page as being so ( Why not ? ) No explaining and No apologies.

  3. Thing 1 says:

    Well, you notice right after our “gayest clan on earth” article, they changed their logo.

    So apparently, even if there’s nothing wrong with that (and there isn’t) RELIC are also homophobic…which is really fucking odd considering it’s about all they talk about in game chat.

  4. Rafalefighter47 says:

    This player is so funny!!! LOL He sits out in the open the whole time, gets killed by arty because of his foolishness, and he accuses the arty of hacking??? This clan has a real funny side to them, as bad as they are. Even Wargaming has a funny side to them; they’re cheap skates who figured that moving in to such confined space in a building complex would do the trick!! LOL 😂

  5. Beornotns says:

    Poor little triggered IS-7… You almost feel bad for…
    Nah, nevermind. I couldn’t even finish that sentence.


  6. Dirty_Camel says:

    What made this worse was that there were 4 tanks I was hitting at the same time. He was the only one to Pm me after as if my sole purpose was to troll him. This asshole kept popping up in my garage like a bad hemeroid.

  7. atila_xD says:

    lol who cares lmao? That guy probs left the convo years ago. You make a retard of urself by going further on in the convo and putting a whole fucking thread for a childish argument after a single pub battle. And i have no respect for anybody playing tier 10 arty so bye

  8. Brian Gorby says:

    The sad thing is because Dirty_Camel called out Fuck Tards like this on the WOT Forums he is now banned so sad……The_Tankoholic

  9. Thing 1 says:

    Yep. Those assholes look out for other assholes. That’s been the problem from the start: this was never a game about tanks. It was a haven for Nazi, racist, pedophile trolls and their hangers on.

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