World of Bans – and Vanishing Threads

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  1. Gomez_Adams says:

    I did. The wife got me a new monitor for our anniversary and I wanted to see how WoWS looked on it. War Thunder looks amazing. It’s like watching a movie now rather than playing a game. And it’s going to get even better soon as their new graphics engine drops on the next patch.

  2. Dirty_Camel says:

    Yeah, fuck Wargaming, commie fucks. I used my final warning point in the WOT forum on some shit brick reroll named _Dilution_
    Permaban Well fucking worth it! WOT can’t even muster 20k players at peak times anymore. They might have a NAZI stronghold on Europe and Russia, But NA is far to intelligent to fall under their commie grip of rigging, censorship, and continuous failure of staff to meet the demands and needs of the player base. This Mod fuckery is just another example of their failure and lack of communication with the player base. Its time to sit back and watch the fire burn.

  3. Thing 1 says:

    You do realize you were arguing with one person, don’t you? You got fucked by a mod who has about 12 accounts.

  4. Dirty_Camel says:

    Yeah Thing, I’m saavy to the bullshit. The same fuckwads I target in the forum are or have clanmates/friends who log in as moderators and target non-fanboys in the forum. One time I was talking shit to some SIMP guy and later that day my account was changed to System_rename. I called out as many shitbags as I could, it’s too bad they are all imbedded like ticks. People are sick of their shit, hence the dying player base.

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    @ Dirty Camel… Brother, those guys are worthless dirty back stabbing little assholes!! They are cowards! They are fouled bottom feeding forum trash, landfill, waste heaps of unresolved childhood prodigy problems that need a good punch in the nose !!

    All those guys are attracted by a foul running out fit like Wargaming. I can’t stand those guys man.

  6. Thing 1 says:

    Deleted already.

  7. Beornotns says:

    yeah they locked it


  8. Beornotns says:

    Where can I post screen shots Thing 1?

  9. Thing 1 says:

    You can make a thread on the forum as it has an upload feature. There’s also an upload feature in the Messaging center if you’d like to send them that way, or you can email them to [email protected].

    Or if you have a picture hosting account like Imgur, you can simply post links to them in the comments section of the story I just posted about this fucking bullshit insulting as hell Leviathan ad then I’ll edit the post to embed them so they display.

  10. BP_OMowe says:

    While I agree to the meaning of the message, I do feel Wargaming’s actual errors are more than enough. Fabricating things will only serve to lessen your overall credibility.

    ” A tested, vetted, assured, safe mod pack is in fact a risk to Windows”
    That is NOT what is said in the warning. Windows does not recognize the program, so it MIGHT be a risk.

    “Mother fucker! ANOTHER WARNING. What the ever loving fuck?!”
    This warning is firstly from the creator of the mod-pack, secondly it basically says that while the pack is in accordance to the Fair Play Policy (FPP), the FPP might be altered in the future so the players using the mod-pack should pay attention if that happens.
    This warning actually make sense, while the one coming from Wg certainly does not, as it contradicts the whole concept of having a portal for approved mods.
    There is one thing in their defence though… there are mods with forbidden functions included in the mod, but disabled through for instance an XML-file with settings. For instance, back in2016, I discovered that the Kellerman Blue sight was actually based on an entirely different mod when I started to go through the preferences.xml to make some adjustments.
    This means that when the mod is tested, it will not do anything that violates the FPP, but a cheat-detection system will see and react to the actual code regardless if it is externally disabled or simply forgotten leftovers like in the case with Autoaim+. Naturally, it is a very weak argument, as one would expect all the mods in the portal to routinely being monitored by said cheat-detection…

    ‘Spotted Vehicle on Aim Circle’
    “It’s illegal as hell and violates this rule from Wargaming:”
    Utter hogwash, as the rest of the rule explains what “Revealing enemy positions” intends to cover, and temporarily pointing at the spot where an enemy was detected isn’t one of those things.
    Same goes for the ‘Direction Indicator to Closest Enemy’, even if Wg in an official statement has drawn the line at pointing at one enemy, showing more than that is regarded as an unfair advantage that is bad for the game.

    “Auto aim plus” actually consists of three different mods combined (and Aslain hasn’t written any of the versions, he just includes them in the pack).
    Auto-aim+ first (and not illegal) previously allowed the player to engage the ingame vanilla autoaim without aiming exactly on the enemy tank, just right-clicking in the general vicinity of the enemy was enough to get a lock. This was deemed as prohibited by Wg when the FPP came, and the new version instead locks on the first enemy tank the aimed directly at within the timeframe set (1 to 5 seconds after the right mouse-button is pressed) which Wg was OK with.
    The second mod is ‘Safeshot’, which function like you described apart from that a second click on the same friendly tank will be interpreted like you actually WANT to shot a green tank, and then proceeds doing just that. It isn’t illegal by any means though:
    “Hello everyone, at the moment SafeShot does not provide any functionality that would be considered not allowed by the Fair Play Policy.”
    The third mod binds the repairs and fire-fighting to the same button, “T”, but if you only have a ‘Small repair kit’, it will only repair one (1) item so it is nothing like having a ‘Large repair kit’ for free. It does however saves you the trouble of getting the various key-combinations into the muscle memory…but again, not something that Wg regards as cheating.

    The ‘Ballistic Calculation’ (BalCal)-mod has nothing to do with autoaim or aimbots.
    In WoT, the gun barrel is automatically set to hit at the distance to whatever is currently present in your aim-point. This means whenever you aim over a ridge, the gun elevates to hit infinity. Balcal allows you to set the range manually, nothing more, nothing less.

    ‘White Skins for Dead Tanks’ being illegal is based on the faulty premiss that everything that offers an advantage is illegal. That is NOT what how the FPP defines cheating. I’ll remind you:
    “Mods that do provide a gameplay advantage, one that we think is bad overall for the game. These are classified as a cheat and are illegal”
    Besides, it is very easy to tell if you aim at a dead or alive tank: only the alive one will have the contour outlined when your point of aim touches it.

    ‘Mark Indestructible Structures mod’ does not alter the “physical properties” (size, density hit-box location, transparancy), only “physical appearance”. Might look like splitting hairs, but the distinction is important.
    If you look at your vanilla mini-map, you’ll find the information readily available. Destructible objects are marked dark grey, indestructible ones are solid black.

    Now the ‘Gun Aim’-mod… for some inscrutable reason, more unfathomable that the ways of God, Wg judged this mod perfectly OK:
    I guess one could argue that having to look at the minimap is distracting from the events on the screen enough to compensate, but… just no.

    ” Now, all we have is the Fair Play Policy rules to go by which make pretty much half of all mod packs completely fucking illegal. Or not.”
    Actually, we now DO have an extensive list, as ALL servers have the SAME rules since the FPP was published. This means the list in the link above is applicable to NA, EU, RU and Asia alike.

    Playing vanilla might make you feel safe, but you are not. Here is the kicker:
    The EULA stipulates that Wg can terminate any account for any reason or no reason at all, at their discretion. In the end it boils down to one question: “Do I trust Wargaming, a company that repeatedly has broken promises (like the Mutant being for the Beta-tester supporting the game in the beginning), falsely banned players through ingame reporting and then denied there was a problem until certain very high profile players got banned, a company that threatened with copyright strikes to suppress uncomfortable youtube-videos, or do I not”?

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