World of Bans – and Vanishing Threads

Well folks, you just can’t make this shit up.

Wargaming North America are now banning players for using mods that Wargaming hosts on their own site.

Read that three fucking times. That is not a typo. I’ll wait.

We good? OK. Here we go. Let’s start with this thread. Of course, when you click on it, you’ll see this:

But what you SHOULD have seen was this:

Now, several of these threads started popping up like crazy yesterday. We counted a total of 5. They are ALL gone. Deleted. Vanished into thin air.

So apparently, people are being banned for mods that they “say” they downloaded from Wargaming’s new Mod Hub. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here’s the announcement they made about their “new” Mod Hub.

And here is the relevant part of that page:

So Wargaming are ASSURING US ALL that they have actually vetted these mod packs THOROUGHLY for not only performance and compatibility, but for rules violations as well.

So if you use ANY mod from the Mod Hub, you’re good to go. Their words, not ours.

Only problem is, you’re fucking NOT. Let’s check out one of these mod packs, shall we?

The first one in the list is Aslain’s. Most people I know run it and I ran it when I played. Never had an issue. So we click on Aslain’s and what do we see?

Say fucking what?!?! So you ASSURED US they we’re good to go, then you say we’re on our own?!?!

Which is it, you fucking morons?

So let’s download the mod pack and see what’s in it. The first thing we need to note is exactly WHERE this is being downloaded from. It is NOT, like some of the fucking idiot shills were saying yesterday, hosted on independent sites. It is in fact hosted on Wargaming’s servers.

So we get it downloaded and launch it. Here’s the first thing we see:

Wonderful. A tested, vetted, assured, safe mod pack is in fact a risk to Windows, the single most used operating system on planet earth used by more than 90% of all computer users.

That’s great. So he’s a cheap ass that can’t afford proper certificates. No problem. Let’s push on and see what’s inside.

After making it through yet another Windows warning, we get to the first actual screen from Aslain. Here it is:

Mother fucker! ANOTHER WARNING. What the ever loving fuck?!

I thought this entire Mod Hub was supposed to ELIMINATE all the guess work by having Wargaming vetting and testing all of these packs FOR us. All we’ve seen so far is disclaimer after warning after pass the buck after pure bullshit.

But I digress. On to the mod pack.

The whole first section deals with nothing but XVM and the different screens available for that. No Problem.

The next section has to do with the in game panels. No problem.

The next section deals with the mini map and options for it. No problem.

Next up is the hit log. No problem.

The next several sections are more decorations and XVM shit. We have no problem with any of that either. Let’s jump on down a bit.

The first mod we have an issue with is the ‘Spotted Vehicle on Aim Circle’ mod. Here it is:

Now, what this thing does is this: Say you’re cruising along looking through your gun sight and you spot somebody. Now, the way the game in vanilla works, you have to either look at your mini map to see where the new marker is, then aim accordingly, or look around in your view finder until you found him.

With this mod, it shows you instantly where he is. No skill required. You spot somebody, you have an arrow pointing to exactly where he is without lifting a finger.

It’s illegal as hell and violates this rule from Wargaming:

And the very next mod in the pack violates the same exact rule. It’s the ‘Direction Indicator to Closest Enemy’ mod.

So again you have two illegal mods back to back in a mod pack that was supposedly vetted, checked out, approved by and hosted by Wargaming.

Next up on Aslain’s list is another illegal mod – his version (And CLEARLY LABELED AS SUCH) of a “Legal” auto aim plus.


Thing is, with this mod, if somebody takes up cover behind a dead tank at range, all you have to do is hold down the fire button and wiggle the mouse. You will NOT fire unless you have a clear shot on the live target.

No skill required.

It also does the same thing with friendly fire. By eliminating friendly fire, if your teammate is head to head with an enemy going round and round, all you have to do is keep your finger on the fire button and wiggle the mouse.

The mod will not allow you to shoot your teammate, so the only thing it’s ever going to fire at is the enemy.

Again, no skill required.

What’s more, at the bottom of that is mapping all repairs to one key. This allows you to use regular cheap consumables, but have them act exactly like the large repair toolbox premium consumable by repairing everything at once.



Here’s a little mod called basic calculation helper:

Now what this little jewel does is automatically track along your last firing solution as long as you hold a key down. That violates the auto-aim mod by adding functionality NOT AVAILABLE IN THE VANILLA CLIENT.

How many times have you as a player had someone vanish on you and he’s on elevation? You know how the reticle does that little ‘dip’ when you aim upwards even when you don’t want it to making you have to guess where your shell is going to go? This mod eliminates that.

No skill required.

Then there’s the White Skins for Dead Tanks mod.

These are illegal for the simple reason that they make aiming at an enemy taking cover behind a dead tank easier. The classic example is those dead tanks on the map. Ever try to pick somebody off hiding behind one of those damn things at range?

Hard as hell to tell the wreck from the enemy, isn’t it? Well, this mod fixes that when it comes to player tanks. You hide behind a dead ally or enemy player tank and it’s stark white, making it VERY easy to tell between the dead tank and the live tank.

Yet another advantage not offered in the vanilla client and as such is illegal.

Then we have the Mark Indestructible Structures mod.

Completely illegal. According to Fair Play Policy in effect, it is illegal to “Any direct alteration of the physical properties, performance characteristics, or effects of any vehicle or object in the game.”

By making indestructible structures hot pink, you alter the effects of physical objects thus rendering them known. So if someone is hiding behind a pink object, you know not to waste your ammo. If the object isn’t pink, you can shoot it down around them. You know the properties of all objects without having to actually interact with them, which is, yet again, NOT AVAILABLE IN THE VANILLA CLIENT.

Again, no skill required.

Then there is this one which is ILLEGAL AS HELL. It’s the Gun Aim Mod.

This shows you which direction EVERYBODY is aiming their gun. It’s about as illegal as it gets.

We could go on. We could do them all (the mod packs presently hosted by Wargaming) and probably dig up the same exact thing. But why do we have to do that?

Frankly, we don’t. It really doesn’t matter what anybody does because Wargaming is Wargaming and they do whatever the flying fuck they want to do.

Players have asked FOR FUCKING YEARS for a simple, approved, safe list of mods to use.

They had one briefly. It was deleted. Now, all we have is the Fair Play Policy rules to go by which make pretty much half of all mod packs completely fucking illegal.

Or not.

It depends on what asshole from Wargaming is at the computer on any given day. It always has. There has NEVER, EVER been anything REMOTELY RESEMBLING consistency with Wargaming North America…other than being terribly, horrifically, constantly inconsistent.

So in the end, what do you do? If you’re still a glutton for punishment and actually play this piece of shit, death trap game, what the fuck are you supposed to do?

Our recommendation:


Because Wargaming hasn’t checked shit. They haven’t vetted shit. They’re just hosting the same shit they’ve been saying was legal and then saying was illegal for years without ever clarifying a god damned thing.

Use any mod pack at your own risk. After all, if Wargaming tell you in one sentence that they’ve “tested and approved” these mod packs and that  you’re “good to go”, and then one click later are warning you they may not be “good to go” and then they still ban your ass for using them when you thought you were “good to go”, what fucking chance do you really have by using any mod at all?

36 Responses

  1. landedkiller says:

    It’s just like playing the lottery with world of tanks these days and having a few hundred cheaters know the lottery numbers and win.

  2. Shadora says:

    Another example of the dysfunction at this company. I am starting to believe that the NA people are sabotaging the game because they know they are out the door soon.

    There are many examples lately like this one. Another is the Day 19 misquote of the black tanks 20 day free tank giveaway forgetting to add that you had to win in addition to other things.

    It could just be that they know they are gone so are getting careless, but could you imagine downloading this mod pack from WG’s site and then being told you are banned for using a cheat and trying to even contact them to get unbanned?

    It would be like going to a circus and trying to have a conversation about astrophysics with a chimp. A complete waste of time.

  3. GeoMonster says:

    There is another option as opposed to playing vanilla …. and that option is to take a BREAK from playing the game. There are 3 main options as I see it.

    1) Play Vanilla and HOPE that you have nothing on your computer or in your registry from the past that would trigger a ban.

    2) Continue playing with MODs and enjoy the game of Russian Roulette (fitting, isn’t it?)

    3) Take a break from the game by stop playing for a while and pursue other enjoyable interests.

    I am choosing OPTION 3 until things settle down. Personally I do NOT enjoy playing vanilla without all the UI enhancements that I use. I’d rather not play or play less if I had to play vanilla, so I am just going to take a break from the game. I will be back though in the future.

  4. GeoMonster says:

    Deleting the threads w/o a statement from WG on the issue is COMPETELY WRONG in every sense of the word. Complete and utter RUBBISH.

  5. Thing 1 says:

    I agree completely with all of you. It’s fucking deplorable.

  6. Icon_Charlie says:

    I have stated since 2014 that illegal mods were being used. I have posted some of the worst cases of illegal mods being used in this game. And these fucking talking heads on the forums are some of the worst offenders. I’m laughing at the people saying that they “suddenly” have a 7 day ban.


    There are a LOT of GOD DAMNED CHEATERS posting in the other forum and most of them are the fucking fanbois that I have to roll my eyes on hearing them state that everything is all right.

    FUCK…. THEM….



    This is THE Bullshit that has been going on in a Bullshit of a game while is LYING to the playerbase that no cheat mods are being used. so once again I will say…



    I had to stop game play since January because of the increased rigging going on… Even though I was 2 for 4. The Games I won I made no money and the games I lost I made no money. Net loss of 10G’s when I should have made a small profit.

    All games where blow out and I was not enjoying it what so ever. I’m waiting on their fucked up 1.0 version that is really going to fucked up.

  7. Zeedox says:

    Awesome article. Too bad no-one at wg has the balls to really do anything.

  8. Gomez_Adams says:

    Well, I know I sound like a broken record but…why am I not surprised?

    As the article states, we’ve all been asking for a simple list of approved mods or illegal mods since day one.

    We’ve been ignored for the most part.

    I just spent the last 20 minutes trying desperately to find that thread that Ghostprime started where everybody discussed all the mods and there was a list of “these are fine” and “these are right out” mods.

    Granted, it still left a good many questions, but at least we had something.

    It’s gone. We have absolutely nothing. Once again we’re back to the completely ambiguous (and that’s being very kind) crap that Wargaming puts out.

    They’re hosting these mods. They’re making them available. They are allowing them to be used in their game. They need to do one of two things:

    1. Made ALL mods legal. Sky is the limit. You got it, bring it, make it available to all and let the chips fall where they may.

    2. Do away with mods altogether. Disable their use completely.

    It’s the only way to insure a level playing field for all concerned.

    But then again, Wargaming have never in their history been the least bit interested in a level, fair playing field, have they?

  9. GeoMonster says:

    Well … seconds ago yet another thread just disappeared. What is WG frickin afraid of?

  10. Thing 1 says:

    The truth man. The fucking truth. They’re on their way out and they’re fucking up EVERYTHING THEY DO NOW.

    And they’re doing the best they can to cover their own worthless, moronic, miserable asses.

  11. Thing 1 says:

    I read it this morning. I wish he had done it here, but I figure he’s probably got one foot on a permanent ban and the other foot on a banana peel with Wargaming, so he did it there.

    He is completely fucking right on all counts. He’s also a whole SHIT TON more polite about it than I would have been.

  12. Beornotns says:

    I think he WAS so polite so that there would be NO WAY they could conveniently or “with cause” delete it out of hand.

    Doesn’t mean they won’t, but with the transition to Austin, who knows. Apparently the count down to 1.0 is 3 weeks. Maybe nobody is paying attention?

  13. Zeedox says:

    I wonder if the bans are a result of a trial run of some form of anti-cheat software. The NA server is small and dwindling in the overall picture, so where better to trial new software. Here there is the least to lose, especially if said trial goes bad for a few iterations.

  14. landedkiller says:

    used an old thread of mine come and watch the fireworks let’s see if it even stays up that long
    I put in Shadora’s table of wg finanacials should be interesting to watch what happens

  15. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    This is simply OUTRAGEOUS what Wargaming is doing. Their like a drunken bull turned lose in fine china shop, crashing over everything, and as it smashing things to pieces, it’s defecating, and urinating all over everything while the smashing is going on.

    Then, it deletes everyone’s post that cried rape while it was happening. GG Wargaming, another fine shitty mess. I’m telling ya, it has to fucking be premeditated. These things can’t be accidents all the time. Cause if it were there’s not way they could ever be approved for an insurance policy by any company in the world. So, it has to be on purpose! 🙁

  16. Icon_Charlie says:

    Use the way back machine to possibly find articles on the internet.

  17. Allegra says:

    And now in from CabbageMechanic:

    Threads discussing disciplinary actions will continue to be removed and/or closed, they are against forum rules.

    I am working internally on several of the larger questions regarding the mod portal and mod legality, and hope to have a proper detailed response for all soon.

    In the meantime, regarding the claims that people are being banned for mods they just downloaded from the portal, the answer is a definitive no. The process for determining which accounts need to appear on ban lists is long and deeply involved, and the list itself was finalized before the mod portal even went live.

    We will be responding in more detail to this issue soon.


    Edited by CabbageMechanic, Yesterday, 11:18 PM.

    Uh huh – yeah. LOL

  18. Thing 1 says:

    He’s a lying sack of shit.

  19. Zeedox says:

    That cabbage-patch kid is a real piece of work isnt he?

  20. Thing 1 says:

    Well, when you’re a two time loser hanging on to the only fucking job you’ve ever had, you’ll suck any cock that comes your way to keep it, right?

  21. Rafalefighter47 says:

    Wargaming, I’ll have to start coming up with acronyms for this piece of crap company, and this is just the first one:

  22. landedkiller says:

    just saw another guy leave Trezvor from world of warships who’s next?

  23. Gomez_Adams says:

    I actually reinstalled World of Warships yesterday and tried two games.

    1st game: everything was going well until I fired the first shot. Instant crash. Game locked completely up.

    2nd game: everything was going well until I got hit by a shot from a destroyer. Instant crash. Game locked completely up.

    Logged back in and was going to try one more and noticed Mr. Alex was online. Tried to send him a message, crash. Completely locked up.

    Oh well. So much for that.

  24. Thing 1 says:

    Thought you quit that shit for good in favor of War Thunder.

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