Wargaming: From Tanks to Banks, The Untold Financial Story (Part IV of IV)

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  1. Mr_Alex says:


    Have you tried using search terms like Victor Kislyi on search engines like Google

  2. landedkiller says:

    I did and that Bloomberg article lists his primary associates. Sometimes I wish I was a hacker then I could hack into emails and such. It would be rather interesting if we found a hacker that could get into Victor Kislyi’s email.

  3. Shadora says:

    The populations are dropping faster than expected on NA since Christmas and the small bump due to the new Russian tank-line fizzled very quickly. The game is barely managing to get 20k prime time. I think part of the issue is the tanks are nothing special and play like every other tank. The IS-M has the same alpha with more pen than the IS one tier higher and the 268-4 (or whatever it is) is the typical “shoot gold rounds at me to pen” tank.

    The HD maps will see a bump in pop, but if people try it and leave soon after this could be a long year in NA for WG. They are wasting so much time on ascetics and none on the core issues for which people are leaving the game. The MM is an absolute disgrace. The RNG is terrible and makes it a pointless game. The “always bottom tier” format is making this a game to pass on.

    The game essentially is dead from a playablility standpoint. I have said if before on this board, the game has a dead feel to it and no one is at the wheel to even acknowledge the problems, forget about even working to fix them. This game could fall off the face of the earth this year. This is a company in trouble and they continue to ignore their player base like everything is fine. Amazing how out of touch they are.

    The game simply has too many problems to address with any one fix. They made it so much worse introducing OPed premiums that you have to fire gold at to pen and then compounded the problem with “always bottom tier” MM and then changed the higher tier tanks to try to rebalance them for the new MM. Everything they do breaks the game even more. There is no simple fix for the mess they are in. They most likely are just hoping it will all get better with HD maps, but I do not think it will make any long-term difference.

  4. landedkiller says:

    Well Shadora I put your table on the forum here http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/562989-the-core-problem-of-world-of-tanks/#topmost
    let’s see how long before wg takes it down

  5. Mr_Alex says:

    Any bets from the commenters here as to when Wargaming themselves are forced to shut down completely or declare insolvency or etc?

  6. Thing 1 says:

    No telling man. It could be a decade before that happens if at all. They still have a good following in Europe, so they can ride that out for at least the next 8 to 10 years I would think unless they fuck up as bad there as they did here. (Which considering those fuckers wrote the game to suit only them is highly unlikely.)

    They’ll just keep downsizing and firing people and closing offices as their profits dwindle down and down. I’m thinking it’ll be at least a decade before they go under for good unless they come up with another hit game, which considering that every single game they’ve ever done other than WoT has been pretty much a complete flop isn’t highly likely.

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    So another words, they just got lucky and stumbled across a one-hit-wonder. Which if we knew the real truth behind the scenes they most likely stole from someone else to begin with, ex: In the very early beginning when Ubisoft was around first writing the software during the primordial nebulous times, Wargaming most likely shove them out in front of a train, legally, or bullied them around until they left etc… Something along those lines most likely? Some type of senario, right ?

  8. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    And if so? To what Alex is saying, “How much longer for the NA Server is the more critical question for some of us?” For those of us with an account, ( or accounts ) that want to see those accounts moved on to “Where, is the question?”

  9. Thing 1 says:

    They sort of did steal it.

    Originally, they were partnered with Ubisoft (who have a very long history of good games). The way it worked out, Wargaming stopped paying Ubisoft for its programming so they left the project, but most of the heavy lifting had already been done by then.

    Ever since, the game has gone to shit. That’s why it was so very good at first release for a year or so, then just got shit after shit after shit hurled into it.

    Wargaming can’t build a good case of fucking hemorrhoids, let alone a fucking game by themselves. They’ve failed miserably every time they’ve tried.

  10. Zeedox says:

    @Thing !,
    That goes with my theory that none of the original architects or senior programmers are left. Perhaps a couple of then-junior developers but no one with in-depth system knowledge. Hence the bug(s) introduced during each version update.

  11. Thing 1 says:


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