VinnyI82 – yet another victim of a failed, automated TK system

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  1. Scorpiany says:

    Yup… I saw that Thread, and was amazed that people came out of the woodworks to just bark and try to discredit him.

    As for that one person who said that they don’t believe that it can happen 2-3 times a day… It can… It does… I can tell you that from fucking experience, that there will be days where it seems like some kind of troll & ogre celebration.

    Also… Nice team damage system WarGaming. You ban the guy that’s getting trolled, but you can’t ban the moron that shot me 9 times. Fucking brilliant automated system, that you refuse to fix. But no no, keep lying to yourselves and the community by claiming that it works fine and “catches most cases”. It doesn’t. People abuse the ever-living shit out of it.

    At the very least, they could accept replays and ban people via. Customer Support submissions, but no… They’ll just tell you to piss off and trust the automatic system, and that there “are no appeals for team damage”.

  2. Zeedox says:

    The whole things going for a dump……..why do you think there’s a rumour all the wg na personnel are to be replaced…..

  3. Zeedox says:

    And then there’s this crap also on the forums.
    It’s already been reported (over two hours ago) and yet still lives……

  4. VinnyI82 says:

    I <3 this Scorpiany guy sometimes…
    And not 3 matches after I got back from my "hour break" I got shot in the rear by a mauschen in my WZ-120-IG FT.
    People seriously don't believe me when I say I get fucked with bad. Real bad. Daily.

  5. VinnyI82 says:

    Oh and thanks Thing1 🙂

  6. Gomez_Adams says:

    I’ve never been banned by the TK system, but the physics abuse is one of the top reasons I quit playing.

    I’ll pull into a spot in my JT88 and up comes a freaking heavy and pushes me around until I give up and move or he just outright TK’s me.

    2 to 3 times per day? Well…back when I played a lot and would get in 25 to 30 games on a Saturday, sure. I can see that happening. It often did.

    But the responses are typical. They’re not there to discuss the game or see what actually happened. They’re only there to troll and insult because it’s really all they have going for them in their failed and miserable existence.

    It’s pathetic, really.

  7. Thing 1 says:

    It’s why we’re here, Vinny.

    And yeah, Zeedox. I saw that bullshit too. I’m like, “What the ever loving fuck is that bullshit” and then I see who’s posting in it.


    Yep. Pure bullshit when he’s in it. No doubt.

  8. VinnyI82 says:

    I was at work last night thinking about the replies. It reeks of liberal logic and victim blaming.

  9. Thing 1 says:

    Liberals don’t blame the victim dude. Republicans do. They always have. They’re the fucking idiots that blame the poor for their problems. Yeah…the fucking poor with NO power at all. THEY are the problem. Sure. Right.

  10. PrinzEugen85 says:

    Scorp and Vinny are class acts. They deserve a hell of a lot better than what they’ve been given.

  11. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    That forum again. Oh god. What an abusive place that outfit has turned into now. Correction, always really has been, just keeps mutating along the way. Man they used bash me terribly. That’s why I stay away from that place now.

    You’ll only find justice or fairness in the dictionary, but not on the NA forum.

    @ Vinnyl82, it’s some type of Russian, neo fascist, perverted Wargaming, Iron fist style totalitarian Corporatist unethical, racist cheap ass, outfit hand crafted by Wargaming that runs that operation in the NA office man. I don’t see too much Liberal about that office to be honest really.

    It’s a corrupt run little office, which has “Loyalty followers” within it’s ranks, like a dictator ship. IF you read those employment reviews you can see what even their past employees say about that place. It’s a worth a read. You see what their past employees have said about the NA office.

  12. Rafalefighter47 says:

    Hi Thing 1, I’m not picking a fight with you or anything, but I’m a Republican and I can assure you, I care about the poor, and I’m not one of those idiots who blame the poor for their problems. There are retards both right and left. As for the forums, like I was saying in an earlier article, I suffer from anxiety attacks(not to be confused with ordinary anxiety), and it sucks. Because of that, for years I was afraid of even bringing up something in the forums because of these trolling idiots. I post a topic concerning increased profitability, and two guys claim that people can farm credits in tiers 8,9, and 10, while those who aren’t great at the game, one of them said, won’t earn as much. I’m going to send you an article and let me know what you think personally about this: This guy, Kamahl1234, claims that “WG has a very legitimate reason” to have the in-game economy as is. My email address is gonna sound like I’m muscular, but I’m not. I’m born with low-muscle tone. Anyway, I will give you a hint: I love fighter planes and “buff” is like a term for people who like stuff.

  13. Thing 1 says:

    Then you’re not a republican. You’re an independent or a democrat.

    The GOP hates the poor. Full stop. You can not be a republican unless you blame the poor for everything and want to get rid of medicare and medicade completely, planned parenthood because you’re a bible beating moron, free lunch programs because you don’t care if poor kids starve, they’re not you’re fucking problem and more…because you’re not poor and you don’t need it.

    If you’re not thinking the above, you simply can’t be a republican. Just ask them. They’ll tell you the same thing.

    I answered the rest in a PM.

  14. QuiAudetVincit says:

    “You can not be a republican unless you…”

    Actually, it’s pretty simple. You sign up. You’re a member of the GOP. Just show us on the doll where the Republican touched you.

  15. Thing 1 says:

    And it’s those fuckers doing all the touching lately, that’s for goddamned sure.

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