Torque969 & reptidex4 – The duo that made me snap

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  1. Thing 1 says:

    I find it laughable that Wargaming protects assholes like that but bans anybody that points them out.

    Which is, of course, what led to the creation of this site to begin with.

    And as Zeedox just pointed out moments ago: they got rid of your thread completely but left up the thread with the racists, anti-Semitic remarks on it.

    Now tell me that Wargaming isn’t run by a bunch of fucking racist Nazi’s.

  2. Zeedox says:

    I once replied to a maga b/s comment with covfefe and got a warning and moderator edit…..
    I don’t bother posting much anymore – the mods are too blatantly biased.

  3. Gomez_Adams says:

    Good lord, Scorp…you been saving all this up for today man?

    Since I went back to War Thunder, I’ve been TK’d once. I was in my B25 J20 and was headed to bomb a base and a guy behind me shot me down so he could bomb it first.

    Other than that, I’ve only been shot by a teammate a couple of times, all of them on accident in heat of the battle types of situations where you really just can’t ever see it coming.

    It’s very, very rare to see intentional trolls like that in War Thunder. That’s a VERY large part of why I don’t miss World of Tanks one single bit.

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    And no matter how ridiculous the strike is, and when you try to appeal it they come back with responses like these:

    “Thank you for contacting Wargaming support.

    As for your concern, please contact a forum moderator as they have more control over issues on the forums and they have all the resources necessary to answer your questions.

    They will assist you on whatever issue you have on your account.

    If you have any further questions or concerns please check out our knowledgebase articles.

    May we see you in the field, Commander!

    Best Regards, ”

    ————————— OR ————————-

    After really trying to nail them down you will start getting a replay like this when they run out of BS, and are pissed that you’re not buying their BS anymore:

    As per our EULA, you may send your letter informing our legal department of informal negotiations, here:
    Wargaming Public Company Limited
    105, Agion Omologiton Avenue,
    1080 Nicosia,
    P.O. Box 23885,
    Nicosia 1687, Cyprus

    Best Regards,
    Alma Gerret

    —————————————— Or ———————————-

    Forums offenses need to be handled via the forum Report system where our dedicated moderation team can review all claims. Our professional team will take care of and see to any actions that need to be taken in the proper manner accordingly. You can report content by clicking on the “Report” button located in the lower-left hand corner of every piece of content in our forums.

    You can count on our dedicated team.

    Thank you for contacting World of Tanks support.

  5. Thing 1 says:

    Yep. Every fucking time.

    It is second only to customs in North Korea for being completely fucking worthless.

  6. PrinzEugen85 says:

    Scorp’s been a great, positive, poster on that forum I think longer than my entire playing career. When he’s venting here in volume, you might as well sound the air raid siren for WGNA.

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