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Folks, I’m not sure really where to begin with this one as I have no fucking clue where it’s going to end. I guess the best way to start is at the beginning:

This morning, I received a message from a guy that has contributed to this site pretty much since day one. He just keeps us clued in from time to time on things that he thinks are relevant to our purpose: Namely, trolls and other bullshit Wargaming allows to go unchecked.

So his message to me this morning was about some asshole that was telling people to kill themselves and calling people Jews and such in this thread.

Now, it started off innocently enough…but then, all of a sudden, for absolutely no reason, AceAsshole COMPLETELY flips the fuck out, starts calling everybody shitters, starts stat whoring as the usual troll does, and then literally goes into calling people a fucking Jew and telling people to kill themselves.

Now, of course it took Wargaming moderators about 8 hours to go through and prune out the really bad stuff (still leaving some rather BLATANT insults in direct violation of their own rules in place though) and to lock the thread down.

Which of course gave us plenty of time to screen shot his comments. Here are the relevant ones we’re talking about:


I mean just fucking wow.

This guys first excursion into the forums and this is the result?

Or is it his first?

Now, everybody else’s comments are still up on that thread folks. Nobody else had theirs removed…because of course nobody went off the deep end like this asshole did.

So who is he?

Well, this is where it gets really, really, really fucking weird. This guy’s account was just created last year folks. He talks as though he’s been around for fucking years, but denies being a reroll even when it’s BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that he is.

Here’s his account page:

Not even a year, folks. Not even a year and he’s making the rounds like he’s been at it since day one in 2010.

I found that REALLY fucking odd.

Hold on to your ass. It’s gets weirder.

So I start looking for this guy…where he came from, what posts he’s made, you know the drill. Well, guess what? He HAS been around for years. He’s been following none other than Anfield for at least the last 4 years under that name, some three years before he ever had a World of Tanks account. He’s even done some video captures for Anfield during that time.

He’s also been following Lemmingrush for a long time (at least 3 years) and commenting on his videos as well. I didn’t look around long enough to see if he had also done captures for him as well.

He’s also changed his Twitch name from Ac3Tank3r to Ac3Wank3r_Reborn while doing all of this for some odd reason.

Now…where have I seen a name like that before?

Right here:

OK, so the names are familiar. We also know that Noobwargamer_Reborn changed his name to simply noobwargamer.

And of course he’s somehow not the commander of one clan, but the XO in another. Hmmm…let’s take a look at that for a second. Here’s his clan history:

So, he resigned as commander of the first 11 AD, then joined as commander of another 11 AD, then resigned from that and rejoined as an XO.

Makes NO fucking sense at all, does it?

(Hint: It does if they’re all your accounts and you’re just doing a reshuffle to add new accounts.)


What about Ac3Tank3r’s clan history? Well…sit down, because here it comes:

You’ve GOT to be fucking kidding me, right?

So just ONE MONTH after creating his account, Ac3Tank3r just happens to join the clan most widely known for using cheats and buying accounts?

Let’s get back to that in just a second.

Who OWNS 11AD? I mean, who is the guy that shelled out the gold and actually bought the shit? Well, his name is Rockinjohn. How do we know this? Well…he told us all:

So one guy owns all of them. Not surprising. But here’s what is – take a look at the language used there…how he’s already bitter, angry and expecting a world of shit. Looks familiar, doesn’t it? Go back up and take a look at some of Ac3Tank3r’s posts, then read John’s post again, and then take a look at noobwargamer’s last post:

Uh huh. And he too is paranoid of being called a reroll…just like Ac3Tank3r is.

You thinking what I’m thinking? I thought so. And just for the record, here is Rockinjohn’s clan history:

Now folks, here is yet ANOTHER reroll of the same guy he did just a year later in 2014. He didn’t even really bother trying to hide it:

This guy has rerolled so many times and bought so many accounts, I bet he doesn’t even remember who the fuck he actually is anymore.


Read this:




Folks, I don’t really know where it goes from here. I’m out of gas for the day. It’s been a long one.

But here’s where I think it goes: This asshole Rockinjohn, who has been around since June of 2013, created an alter ego to go out following other tankers with. I think at first it was to buddy up and learn…but then something happened. I think this guy started hurling money around hand over fist to get in good with people.

When he found that didn’t really work out too well, and didn’t help his game, he resorted to using cheats like Warpack and everything else he could get his hands on.

That helped, but not that much. What’s more, he got busted for it and didn’t want to risk it again…so he simply bought himself a good account and started playing it with essentially the same cheats.

Well, that got busted all to hell just recently as well, didn’t it? What’s more, the stats were falling off a cliff and making him look bad, so he bought another good account and simply kept it on ice.

Until just now.

We’ll look into this further down the road to be sure…but for now, I think we’re pretty close to the truth.

Which begs a couple more questions:

  1. What the fuck are people like Lemmingrush and Anfield doing hanging around with assholes like this?
  2. Why the fuck hasn’t Wargaming done anything at all about it?

Ponder that, folks.

11 Responses

  1. Zeedox says:

    wg hasn’t even remove the thread, just locked it up in the Gen Disc.

  2. Thing 1 says:

    Yep. What’s more, the fucker told someone to kill themselves, and used anti-Semitic slur against another guy and he’s NOT BANNED.

    What the ever loving fuck?!?! That is an INSTANT PERMA-BAN ANYWHERE ON EARTH…except for on the Nazi Run, bully approving, Wargaming Sites, that is.

  3. Allegra says:

    Interesting. WG can’t even moderate a thread properly. One of Ac3Tank3r’s insults – calling another player a Jew – has been quoted in Post #48 and is still present. You’d think by now that they would just learn it’s easier and more effective to remove some threads – unless they deliberately leave offensive material in for some perverse reason.

  4. Thing 1 says:

    They do it to let the poster know they agree with them…and to insult Jews any chance they get.

    It’s what Nazi’s do.

  5. Allegra says:

    It does rather seem that way – either that or they’re totally incompetent. With their history, I’m tending to believe both of them.

  6. Scorpiany says:

    What in the fuck is even wrong with some of these people? Are they really so obsessed over video game stats that they’ll tell people to consider suicide because they’re playing a tank class they don’t like?

  7. Thing 1 says:

    Well, when Scorpiany starts dropping “F” bombs, you know it’s bad.

    But really man, who is worse: the fucking guy that says that, or the company that allows him to do it over and over again?

  8. Gomez_Adams says:

    I will never for the life of me understand this obsession with stats.

    It’s a game, for crying out loud. It’s supposed to be fun. You’re supposed to enjoy playing it. If you’re in it for the stats, then my God…you have some deep seated personal issues and need some therapy.

    Don’t get me wrong; I understand how stats can be useful. They actually helped me out a bit from time to time. I can see where my weak points are. For example, I can see how maybe I’m not hitting as often in a given tank as somebody else, so I can see I need to take more time and aim better…or maybe I see I’m hitting just as much as everybody else but not doing the damage, which means I need to work on where I’m aiming and hitting.

    But that’s as far as stats go. When I go in and dominate a game and lose anyway, what difference does it make how my stats are?

    Most importantly of all, when a game tells you flat out that it controls the mm and has a higher RNG factor than any other game on the earth at present, and is completely rife with cheats and illegal mods that Wargaming to date has never, ever done anything about, then how “good” do you think you really are?

    I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again: Stats, and the entire XVM system, have ruined World of Tanks. When I first started playing I didn’t even know what it was. Most folks don’t. They just want to play a tank game.

    But the stat whores simply wont allow that to ever happen.

    Which is why you have people like this, and why they game has been completely ruined in North America and is on it’s way out.

  9. Thing 1 says:

    And that asshole is posting on the forum right now as if nothing ever happened.

  10. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Wow, what a Bone Head ! 😀

    This community !

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