Wargaming: From Tanks to Banks, The Untold Financial Story (Part II of IV)

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  1. Thing 1 says:

    And we know that the investors of Wargaming got into the real estate business HUGE during the Greek financial debacle.

    Very, very fucking interesting indeed.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Lot to digest here. I’m still processing all of this.

    This needs to be read and dissected slowly with deep thought. I’m very serious. Magnitsky. Does everyone realize what that means? And what the far reaching implications of this is?


    Current investigations taking place, here in the US now, in DC etc. and what it entails and means, and what it could possibly extent to even to Wargaming itself ?

    I’ve not had time yet to address the several other points in this article above.

  3. Gomez_Adams says:

    Yeah. When you read the old, original story from the archives and then you read this is does seem to match rather nicely, doesn’t it?

  4. Zeedox says:

    Two interesting articles. The first from 2013 is about the tax levy for bailout – same as The guardian story from part 1 of this article. The second is from 2017 and surprise, surprise, surprise – Manafort’s listed…….
    2013 – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/cyprus/9936537/Cyprus-a-sunny-place-for-shady-people.html
    2017 – http://cyprus-mail.com/2017/11/05/view-manafort-shows-still-dogged-bad-reputation/
    All roads lead to Rome, eh.

  5. Gomez_Adams says:

    Why am I not surprised?

  6. Shadora says:

    Part III will be a lot longer, more detailed and will absolutely blow your mind. There is something much more sinister going on which I did not get into because it requires an understanding of the current position that the Hellenic Bank is in.

    There is so much going on at the banks in Cyprus recently that it will paint a very bleak picture. The ramifications of which will be felt worldwide due to them involving, possibly, Trump and many others in his circle.

    At the end of Part III, you will have a very good understanding of the bank’s current position and it’s future. It is a very sad spectacle.

    In terms of Magnitsky, I wanted to bring him up without going into detail because it fits better into Part III.

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