Blatant Cheating Video – Backup article for main WoT Forum Post

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  1. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Yea, I just found out myself the other thread got vaporized also. I posted over on the other link. OMG, it’s almost like we are being shadowed 🙂

  2. Thing 1 says:

    Well look at the bright side! Steven Sisk’s other account, Demonic_Angel_of_Death was permabanned for posting the video. So, we can all look forward to his 5th account posting real soon once he gets a few games under his belt with it. LMMFAO!!!

  3. Gomez_Adams says:

    LOL! Now that’s funny! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  4. BobJustBob_1 says:

    Do you really believe that they thought something as heavy handed and obvious as this was going to make us all go back to sleep and agree that cheating doesn’t happen and isn’t a problem if it does?

    It doesn’t say much about what they think of the player base.

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Wow, he got Perma’ d for that ? OMG… Zowie.

    He was already circumventing 1 permaban already !!

  6. Thing 1 says:

    @Bob – No shit, dude. But the again it’s obvious that they haven’t given a shit or thought much of the player base in a couple years now.

    @Leftist – Yep. He got the fucking ban hammer. Again. That’s the third account he’s had permabanned form the forums. I think he’s going for some sort of record.

  7. PrinzEugen85 says:

    WG has to understand, these 300 or so powergamers don’t matter. They cheat, they rig the system so they never have to spend the money like the rest of us did. It’s the yellows and greens (like me), the bog average player who enjoys spending and playing. If this middle class of gamers got a bit of tlc by slashing cheaters, it would be a good start to patching up the games problems.

  8. Scorpiany says:

    Cheating does not have anything to do with spending money, Prinz. Regardless of how they play, the incentives for them to buy Premium time, Premium tanks, etc. are all still there. If you’re playing high Tiers without a Premium account, even if you have every cheat mod in the world, you’re going to find it very difficult to turn a profit. Same applies to credit-grinding for new tanks.

    There is the argument that WG may be making money off of WarPack, but those mods are all available for free download separately, so I don’t see why anyone would pay for WarPack.

    But I also agree, that it’s the average player that’s hurt the most by people using cheat mods. WG needs to take the issue more seriously.

  9. Thing 1 says:

    Bullshit Scorp. Prinz hit the nail on the fucking head.

    They cheat like hell, work amongst themselves to milk the system dry of gold, rig contests, all of it. They don’t HAVE to spend a dime because Wargaming lets them do it.

    I know for a fact that NOBODY in -G- has spent one single dime on this game in nearly 3 years. Why would they? They get free gold, free protection from cheating and rigging, free accounts to play any tanks they want as “game contributors” and such.

    It’s fucking laughable how bad it is.

    The only thing Prinz is wrong about is the number of people. It’s closer to 500.

  10. Scorpiany says:

    If they don’t generate revenue, wouldn’t that give WG more reason to purge them rather than defend them?

    Top Clan players do spend lots of money on new Premium tanks. Take a look at their Service Records – They didn’t get the non-techtree Premiums for nowhere. -G- being included; I speak from experience considering that I was in -G-. Many of them spend money on Premium tanks and Premium time too. It wasn’t as necessary 2+ years ago, but WG has since severely reduced Gold earned from the Global Map and has removed tournaments almost completely.

  11. Scorpiany says:

    I think that’s in large part why WG is so inactive about addressing illegal mods, contest rigging, etc. though. Ultimately, it’s their paying customers that they don’t want to lose.

  12. Thing 1 says:

    That’s the funny part: They don’t care.

    The whole thing has been run into the dirt for the sole purpose of satisfying those very assholes that NEVER spend money.

    They’ve treated the entire operation like their own personal world where they make the rules and fuck you all if you don’t like it.

    I don’t think Wargaming Corporate has any clue how bad it is. I really don’t. I think they (Wargaming NA) bullshit their way through it blaming bullshit factors like economy or genre or any other half-assed excuse they can come up with.

    Meanwhile, they suck up paychecks and run the entire operation as their own little personal troll machine for them and their extended family of fucktard trolls.

    They don’t give a fuck if it goes belly up. They’ll just go get another job someplace else and say “fuck it”. It’s all of us that wind up getting screwed over the entire fucking thing.

  13. TeaTimeWithKongou says:

    Yeah I’m with scorp on this one sure some clans are know cheaters I mean 11_AD has been proven that they buy accounts for fecks sake, their NoobWargamer kid was a scourge on the community and glad he’s gone maybe a lot of the misconceptions that good players always hack will go away. I mean I’ve spent 100s probably thousands on this game and maintain that “1%” average that you pretty much insinuated that they are hackers. I mean its not that hard to play this game and do well at it to be fair. but its good on you to expose this certain 11_AD kid what hes been doing for years is wrong and the funny thing is all the top clans knew it was happening over there.

  14. Thing 1 says:

    To be fair, we didn’t first publish this. It was a forum thread on the main World of Tanks forum that was brought to our attention.

    We simply published it here because we knew full well that the instant Wargaming found out about blatant cheats being shown on their forum they’d delete the shit out of it…which they did.

  15. GunTurret says:

    I was in that thread, the fanboys just came out of the woodwork on me….
    of course there is cheating… everyone knows it…

  16. Thing 1 says:

    Everyone knows it, of course. The guys that keep on saying it doesn’t exist are the fucking guys cheating. So long as they keep spamming people to death and trying to discredit them they think that means nobody will think they’re cheating.

    They’re fucking wrong, of course.

  17. rodzilla01mccloud says:

    When World of Tanks first came out I loved it. Over the years the number of people using cheats has grown to a large percentage of the population. When I stopped playing the game a few months ago. I think its very fair to say that the team that normally won random battles was the team that had the best/most cheats. There are other things like play to win tanks…hence the german E25. Its not worth it to me. I’ve been searching for a new main game. I only have a crappy i5 laptop. So, I’ve been playing WoW. Its fun enough for now but I miss the constant PvP. I hope to find a good PvP game I can play. However, I’m never going back to WoT.

  18. Thing 1 says:

    Don’t blame you pal. Pretty much everybody is moving on to other things.

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