Xeraux – Wargaming Shill, Two-Faced Prick

I don’t know where people got the idea that a name change in a free-to-play pixel tank game can suddenly wipe out who you are and what you’ve done, but it seems to be the new trend in World of Tanks.

Here’s another asshole that used to be one way, then figured out that everybody knew that he was completely full of shit, so he shelled out the gold for a name changed, put on a new avatar and then started taking the art of corporate shill shit posting out a whole new door to gain favor with the mods/employees of Wargaming that he buddies up with.

Now, Xeraux (we’ll get to who he REALLY is in just a moment) has been on our radar for some time. We get PM’s all the time from people talking about this asshole, but last night was the icing on the cake.

This latest round of missions put on by Warfailing has been, at best, a fucking disaster. They’re changed on the fly, the rules were misleading and outright lies, it’s just been one epic cluster fuck after the other.

Then yesterday, you had this posted.

And the screen shots for our lazy-assed members:

Now, that is a factual, well put, very clear post. MANY people were fucked over by this. It’s been all over the damn place.

But who is the first person to show up and blame the OP? You got it! Xeraux:

Really asshole? Really?

Well, I could go on and fucking on about how this is ENTIRELY Wargaming’s fault…but just a few post later, the last remaining voice of sanity even REMOTELY related to Wargaming summed it all up to perfection with this post:


Now, surely, there is no way possible any rational, thinking human being come retort to that. Sadly, this is Xeraux we’re talking about, so…yeah…the fucking asshole did:




What did they give you, Xeraux? Rigged MM? Do you get special RNG? Do they send you free anime porn subscriptions via their Asian connections? All of the above?


Well, it would probably help if we knew who the asshole was to begin with. You see, Xeraux didn’t start out his World of Tanks life as Xeraux. He started out as JayHollyLion. (His alt accounts of that name still exist for his emergency reroll plans should he need them.)

But of course, Jay and Xeraux aren’t anything related to his real name either. His real name is:

Jasper Leto-Niemetz

He’s a douchebag from California. (Yeah…home of Wargaming North America.)

What’s more, he’s a two-faced prick as we mentioned before. While he’s on the World of Tanks forum under his Xeraux persona posting about how great Wargaming is, he’s under his alter ego Jasper account commenting on TragicLoss’ video about how hard and unfair Wargaming is:

What makes an asshole like this? Well, in a word: Attention.

You see, young Jasper has been BEGGING for attention his entire life and never gotten it. He never got any from the get go.

When he first started World of Tanks back in 2011 as JayHollyLion, he really thought he was going to be HUGE in the gaming world. He spent a few years building himself up stat wise and then he went to spread his gospel to the world about how great he was. He even started his own blog about it.

It failed miserably.


Of course, having gone around in game talking smack and fallen flat on his fucking face, he decided to start over completely. New name, new image, and he even tried to branch out into War Thunder.

As is easily predictable, he failed miserably. Again.

His War Thunder career lasted less than a month.

He tried Goggle Plus. FAIL.

YouTube. FAIL.

And so he fell back to the only thing he has in his life: World of Tanks.

Like so many others we’ve covered, in the end, he’s just a lonely loser looking for attention…desperate to be recognized for his own greatness that doesn’t actually exist at all.

He now lives his life running two accounts: One being pissed off and disappointed at Wargaming and the other defending it relentlessly to gain favor.

What a sad, miserable, fucked up existence that asshole lives, eh?

The icing on the cake? The poor fucker looks like this:

If he weren’t such a  worthless, two-faced asshole, we might actually feel sorry for him.

NAH! Fuck that. He’s a fucking asshole.

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  1. Gomez_Adams says:

    Funny how they’re coming down hard on people all of a sudden, isn’t it? I mean, after years of letting people just troll on for days on end, they’re throwing around the ban hammer in record numbers.

  2. Thing 1 says:


    Yeah, they deleted the thread, that’s what I pointed out. The funny part is they didn’t ban the alt account. It’s still posting this morning.

    I mean, what the fuck? They KNOW it’s him, they delete the thread, but do nothing to the alt?

    It’s shit like this that makes you wonder how the flying fuck any of them have a job. Then again, I guess most of them don’t for much longer, so we have that to look forward to.

  3. Zeedox says:

    Ahh. I’m beginning to think they simply use a Magic 8 Ball to make decisions.

  4. Beornotns says:

    Yeah, 10,007 posts and the ban. But now? The Alt is strong in this one…


  5. PurpleBlitz says:

    At least the fucking shills are all getting their paychecks fucking cut with the WG office move. Shit, man, the forums will be so dead without these corporate douchebags polluting it with their bullshit. So glad people like Xeraux will be out of their jobs. Where will they get their OP premiums and pay-to-win fucking ammo now??? Ha, makes me smile to think of it. Fucking losers. Can’t fucking wait for it dude, it’s gonna be sooooo fucking NICE!
    You guys will probably have less to write about though which is kinda sad, this site is hands down the best World of Tanks content site on the whole fucking web. Definitely coming back for more, holy shit dude! GOLD!!

  6. Thing 1 says:

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Truth is, we already have less to write about. As the game has been dying at an accelerated rate lately, even some of the hard core trolls are quitting it as well.

    A great many of them have changed their names and kept a much, much lower profile as well.

    In all, in the year and a half we’ve been doing this, the trolls have started hiding deeper and deeper in cover, rarely coming out to fuck with people anymore.

    Should you or anybody you know come across one, don’t hesitate to save the replay and let us know.

  7. PurpleBlitz says:

    Cheers! If I see anything worth sharing I’ll come right back.

  8. PurpleBlitz says:

    Saw the dude in a game earlier, he was shit-talking some cool guy who had a valid complaint. Turned out Xerox did top damage and was just laying into the guy. What an ass.

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