Don’t be too harsh on WarGaming… They’re just a poor, small indie developer.

Don’t be too harsh on the poor folks over at WarGaming… The poor bastards, they’re just a small independent developer just trying to scrape by. They can hardly even feed their server hamsters, let alone themselves.


Victor Kislyi's net worth has now surpassed $1 billion USD


These are just well-meaning game developers, with unfortunate circumstances. Everybody knows how hard they try to keep their server hamsters going, they’ve given them their every bit. Sometimes it’s just too much for them, you know?


Been this way for 40 minutes as of writing this post.


Even their Forums are a pinnacle of a well-maintained, properly kept website. It’s not a doubt in anyone’s mind.


I'm beginning to sense a pattern here...


But alas, before we’re too quick to judge them, lest we forget their absolutely flawless track record?


The pour souls, bless them.


For joy, all the good times I remember with them. I squeeze my memory all I may, alas no issues can spring to mind!


Oh WarGaming.


Now come hither. They’re just an independent game developer doing their very best. They have never failed us. Their excellent commitment to providing the best possible gaming experience, is simply impeccable. Nor we can we forget their excellent customer service. It is very clear that customer satisfaction is their top priority; impossible for them to turn their backs to us for a quick buck.




Bloody hell, I need some brain bleach after writing that.

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  1. Thing 1 says:

    Wait, wait, wait…did you flush your DNS?


  2. Zeedox says:

    You could run a series of PSA’s.

    “It’s 10pm – Have you flushed your DNS today?”
    “Remember, only YOU can flush your DNS”
    “Not flushing your DNS is communism.”
    “DNS Flushing saves lives.”

  3. Thing 1 says:

    LMMFAO!!! Now THAT’S Funny!

  4. Gomez_Adams says:

    Meanwhile, over at War Thunder:

    No issues at all. Running smooth as ever…even with the Jack-O-Lanterns.

  5. Scorpiany says:

    I should get into War Thunder at some point. While I didn’t like the way tanks played, the plane side of the game seems like a lot of fun. Hopefully their servers don’t keep taking a royal dump like WG’s servers have been recently.

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    You guys are on it. 😉 I’m sitting here now actually trying to redown load my WG client, because of the awful lag/ping/spikes, which were not occurring before the Halloween stuff dropped.

    I downloaded War Thunder client last night and no issues at all ! Runs fine on my end. My gaming desk top has no issues. It was even recently cleaned up 10 days ago, and windows reinstalled etc. So there is nothing wrong with my computer !! 😉

    And as of right now I have to answer their ticket back where they wanted me to, “you guessed it Do A DNS FLUSH “” !

    Like always washing your hands in a hospital for germs 😆

  7. Gomez_Adams says:

    I should get into War Thunder at some point. While I didn’t like the way tanks played, the plane side of the game seems like a lot of fun. Hopefully their servers don’t keep taking a royal dump like WG’s servers have been recently.

    Yes, you should. I’ve had a horrible day win rate wise and still had a blast. Right now they’re having a huge sale of 50% off on everything. (It’s progressive. United States and Russia started yesterday, Germany and Britain started today, Italy and Japan starts tomorrow.

    I just wish I had a ton of golden eagles to buy, buy, buy!!!

    I did manage to pick up the He 219 A-7 (The screen shots I posted) and man it’s a blast. It’s not quite as good as my Me 410 B6/R3, but then again nothing on earth is.

    I love the ground attack / heavy fighters and bombers. I do my fair share in fighters to, but they just don’t have that “holy cow I can’t believe I’m getting away with this!” feeling to them.

    Hopefully, I’ll be on most of the day tomorrow blowing tanks clear to Mars and making bank!

    You should join in the fun, man. (For the record, I also have a boatload of good tanks, but ground forces are just awful.)

    Play Realistic Battles Aircraft. That is where it’s at. You’ll face the same frustrations of losing, but at least it’s not so, well…there’s no other phrase for it, completely full of shit like World of Tanks is.

  8. SilverEaglewing says:

    Marks are locked, global map is frozen, personal missions are gone for time being and servers were down. How are we able to expect wg to come out with HD maps without screwing more things.

  9. Thing 1 says:

    All the HD maps are going to be are the same shit maps they have now with higher res textures shoved into an antiquated graphics engine that last saw an update 4 years ago that’s going to bring your fucking system to a stand still while already operating on the same shit servers and limited data plan.

    It’s over. These fucking assholes are done man. It’s all down hill from here.

  10. PrinzEugen85 says:

    I have to come back to WT as well. My favorite memory was a realistic night battle in my BF109, escorting a pair of Stukas to their target and back. They’d bomb, come back and replenish while me and a wingman wheeled over the strip as cover and once the Stukas were off, we’d gas up and catch up to them. Ended up winning the match and it still sticks with me today.

  11. Gomez_Adams says:

    I had a hell of a game today in my newly acquired Ta 154 A-1.

    Climbed for all I was worth at the start and took out a B-17, then took out his escort a P-47, then dove down and took out a PBJ head to head and blew a Mark IX Spitfire clean in half before a 109 G6 finally got me.

    4 kills, 2 assist.


    Still more fun than you can shake a stick at.

  12. Meatslab says:

    Games fucking shit. Just needed to say that where it matters the most.

  13. Thing 1 says:

    Don’t hold your breath on getting somebody to disagree with you here. 😉

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