WOT Update 9.2 Grand Battles Dead on Arrival

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  1. Thing 1 says:

    First off, well done, man!

    Secondly, yeah. Every game mode they’ve introduced has been a complete fucking failure. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they ever did it.

    The only mode I’ve ever seen people ask for is PvE. That’s it. They wont do it. Why? Because then they can’t let you get bullied around by their bullshit MM.

    The maps in this game are too damn small for 15 v 15 as it is. 30 would be ridiculous. And when you consider the lag and packet loss they’ve had since day one, even on high end machines, it’s going to be a complete disaster.

    Thing is, I don’t know anybody that even plays T10 anymore. It’s just too broken. Secondly, even the very few that do probably wont do so for long as they’ll probably go broke long before they ever get into a 30 v 30 match to begin with.

    I swear…what fucking morons come up with these stupid fucking ideas?

  2. Gomez_Adams says:

    I’ve never understood why they keep on with all these different modes. You know, you can almost tie the downturn of World of Tanks to the day they started all that crap.

    It has always divided the player base and split it up, and most everybody I know never wanted nor liked any of them.

    All they’ve ever been is tools for the exploiters and power clans to rape the system even more. The single, average Joe player, which represents the VAST majority of players, only got punished by it all.

    When everything you do markets to the elite only, then you can kiss 90% of your income goodbye.

    And that is exactly what has happened and why they are now so desperate that they’re screwing up to levels no gaming company ever has before. They’ve had to issue blanket, wholesale apologies for completely screwing up twice now in as many months.

    Wargaming has become not just a rudderless ship adrift in high seas, but a rudderless ship adrift in high seas with a drunken captain at the helm.

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Speaking of which the ship moved one out already, didn’t last too long. He only just got that job just last June 2016. He’s out of it now.


  4. Meatslab says:

    @ Insurrectional_Leftist. I fucking hated his pony tail ass anyways :>

  5. Meatslab says:

    @ Thing 1 Thanks man!

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