Wargaming Lie About GenCon 50

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  1. Gomez_Adams says:

    Wow. I knew they had cut their budget to the bone, but that’s just awful. They didn’t even attend the actual gaming convention because they had nothing to show, or so they said.

    Maybe it was that they simply couldn’t afford it.

    My, how the mighty have fallen. Now they’re resorting to scalping tickets outside the venue for money. What an embarrassment.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Omg !! World of Side Show Bob 🙂 simply incredible ! What would have been even funnier is if they had been rained out! Lol

  3. Mr_Alex says:

    I am so not surprised

  4. Meatslab says:

    “7:00-8:00 PM – Player and community meet & greet” Make sure you get there 4 hours earlier.

  5. Thing 1 says:

    LOL! No doubt, right?

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