How Wargaming Fucked Me

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  1. Gomez_Adams says:

    Another sad and classes display on what has over the years become a very, very long list of sad and classless displays by Wargaming.

  2. Mr_Alex says:

    @Gomez and Thing1

    I actually came to the conclusion on the best thing for World of Tanks and Warships, that is if Wargaming themselves go into insolvency or liquidation and then World of Tanks and Warships is sold to another game developer or publisher who will do a better job of running World of Tanks and Warships

  3. Thing 1 says:

    Well, we can wish in one hand and shit in the other. Guess which one is going to fill up first.

    Fact is, they’ll never sell out. They’re too fucking stupid. They’ve driven the game into the ground, admitted that they’ve fucked up, but still continue to do the same bullshit over and over again.

    It’s never, ever going to change. What’s going to happen is one day people will go to log on and the server wont be there. Then they’ll head to the website to see what the fuck happened and it wont be there. Then they’ll go to hit the forum and it wont be there either.

    It’ll just be fucking gone.

    That is what is going to happen. I just hope we’re still around to post the big, huge I TOLD YOU SO!

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    See, there is no way around these so-called regional server staffs. There is no main corporate contact (centralized) to the main offices of Wargaming for quality control, or the main office like other places of businesses you do business with. There is no consumer satisfaction dept., there is no one you can call to get resolution with? You cannot resolve anything with Wargaming! There is no way to communicate with the home office in Cyprus or Minsk effectively on a practical means to address such issues. And these server offices (ex: NA office) can just set back, and keep doing what they do etc.

    There’s no accountability here, nothing to hold them ultimately in-check. And what does Victor do about this? He get’s up and spew’s BS about, “Oh, we made a few mistakes along the way, we promise we’ll do better, etc..” The moment you bring up what kind shit they’ve done in the past, they will dispute it in a min, “Oh, no we didn’t do that, never happened, don’t know what you’re talking about.” Here, have a copy and paste response.

    Dare post the forum, we’ll troll you for 8 pages… Send us too many service tickets on the issue, and argue with us then we send you this, ” EULA ### See arbitration process, have your attorney contact our legal dept, ( if you dare ), in the meantime we are no longer allowed to talk to you any longer until further notice on any issue forward until we hear from someone on your end.”

    Yea, see if you can get through the Cyprus + Russian mob, and our compartmentalized obstruction tactics, or air out to the right outlets that piss us off enough, that we have our lawyers finally threaten you…

    Wargaming is pathetic.

  5. Mr_Alex says:


    I agree with what you say there

  6. Mr_Alex says:


    I actually agree with everything you have written

  7. Mr_Alex says:


    I am not surprised at all

  8. Thing 1 says:

    @ Meatslab: Just thought you’d like to know that this article was number one on this site yesterday with 283 unique views. (Those are verified readers, not bots and crawlers. The article actually had a total of 3,593 hits overall.)

    So mission accomplished, man. You got what you wanted.

  9. Meatslab says:

    @ Thing 1 Thats Awesome! Thank you for posting it.

  10. landedkiller says:

    Going to say stay away from Let’s Battle Tours long lines and broken promises. When I went last year I have a post on here about somewhere it was chaos and way too many lines. Imagine lines for a new game release at GameStop for a new Battlefield and you get the idea. To top it all off it was a hot day and a couple of people fainted while in these long lines. Think it was July when I went of last year. You’ve been warned.

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