Sir Foch gets Fucked by Wargaming

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  1. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Link is here above ^ (sorry it should have been included in above post)

  2. Mr_Alex says:

    Have been given confirmation that PointyHairedJedi has also left the community contributor program as well

    Good for him. Integrity is very rare in this day and age.

    – Thing 1

  3. Only_Meuploading says:

    The left and right hand are totally divorced from each other. Why WGNA had to weigh in, I have no idea, but it is what it is. They couldn’t find a root in a brothel quite frankly.

    Jingles video:

    Tsavo’s walking. You know it’s a fairly major issue if someone such as he is out.

    Tsavo’s full of shit. He’s just trying to finagle his way into the good graces of the player base. He’s an asshole. He’s always been an asshole. He’ll always be an asshole. He does nothing for anybody other than himself. The instant it profits him, he’ll back stab the hell out of you and laugh about it.

    As for Jingles, he’s an ass sucking fucktard. He got blasted for not weighing in, then he got blasted for making a video that OBVIOUSLY tried to appease Wargaming, now after he’s fucked up twice he’s trying to fix that.

    Fuck Jingles. That asshole has the back bone of a jellyfish.

    – Thing 1

  4. Thing 1 says:

    So I bit the bullet and watched the shitty Jingles video. Apparently, nobody else did.

    He’s “removing himself from the EU CC program” but he’s going to still be making videos of Tanks and Warships.

    Just as I thought. He’s a fucking grand standing asshole. If you QUIT, you DUMBASS, you FUCKING QUIT. You don’t say you quit and keep on doing it, you stupid fucking grandstanding asshole.

  5. Gomez_Adams says:

    I have to agree. Jingles has never made a real stand on anything World of Tanks related. I really don’t get how he’s quitting but not quitting. That’s about the single most ridiculous statement he’s ever made, and he’s made quite a few over the years.

    I guess he simply assumes most people are really stupid and wont pick up on his hypocricy.

    Exactly! The problem is that most people are.

    – Thing 1

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Jingles video:

    Yes, I caught what he said about him still saying he would still make videos, and that occurred to me also. The thought that ran through my head was, “So, I’ll keep my options open for later for them to “Bribe me back later once again with goodies, freebies, enticements, and when WG finally offers iron clad policy changes globally, and the rest of the player base, goes hungry by really NOT playing the game period !! or spending money !! NOT Playing at ALL !! Giving up the game completely etc !!” And why would he go back to War Thunder? Think about that for a moment? To make Wargaming envious, jealous of what their losing etc ! “” It’s a way to hurt them back for taking him for granted etc.” And to replace his “Income $$ stream being lost $$” Yes, I did catch that…

    He’ll still play World of Tanks, an keep some of his followers around, and some fan base for “when Wargaming does change their wrong headed ways (If they do, which they really will not– they never do ultimately — they just come up with a new scheme to get people like him back for their immediate purposes etc”
    —– And you’re a 100% right he tried to pull another of his “Jingles-Mingles-with-Wargaming-Horse-Trade-Extraordinaires” and Got-Shafted this time 🙂 —-


    That Jackass is well documented, by this site for his skullduggery, backstabbing, two-faced, asshole, self-serving, lying, “Caught like a Rat-in-A-Trap” with his grinning teeth an whiskers with the cheese on multiple occasions, swindling the player base, lying, cheating, con manning the player community like a Harp-from-Hell to selfishly serve himself. Tsavo is a full-bown asshole along with his Pal LaceyLace, and all his butt-buddies that go out an spread his lies like a tractor with a wagon that spread horse manure that fertilizes a field !! And the stinch of Tsavo’s lies smell up the whole community, as soon as you begin driving anywhere near the NA just as bad as the NA office itself.

    Stop holding back, man! Tell us all how you REALLY feel. 😉

    – Thing 1

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    You know what I like about the Jimquisition video? Is that skit he did with the whig, the make up, and his skit about those atypical .01% Unicums esl, “God-Like” Labs padders, who player the game 5 hours a day, THAT DEFEND WARGAMING, NO MATTER HOW WRONG THEY ARE, AND COMMAND THE ENTIRE BASE TO SIMPLY FALL TO THEIR KNEES TO SUBMIT, TO THE OMNISCIENCE AND INFALLIBILITY OF THE GOD-LIKE SUPREME DIVINITY OF WARGAMING !! WHEN IN FACT WARGAMING IS SO FUCKING ASS BACKWARDS WRONG !!

    I mean come on man..

    Does anyone realize, just how many people have endured Perma- Bans from the forum who did not deserve to be removed from the forums, JUST BECAUSE, of the Moderation Staff being, Just as screwed up in unfair, targeted moderation actions, hell-bent on taking out strategic persons, topics, and personal hits assigned by the NA office (or other servers for that matter)? It’s just appauling how this gaming firm is out of control going down the wrong road !!!

  8. Thing 1 says:

    Yep. You’ll not get an argument from me. That those assholes had the blatant stupidity to bring up their stats as somehow making their stupid comments mean more on an issue that has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH GAME PLAY just goes to show how fucked up and out of touch with reality they all are.

    It’s fucking pathetic. God help them when Tanks shuts down. They’ll probably all commit mass suicide…after all, they’ll have NOTHING left to live for.

  9. Gomez_Adams says:

    Wait just a moment: you mean to tell me that somebody brought their stats up regarding copyright threats on YouTube?

    Yes. It was some Wotlabs prick no doubt that made the statement to Jim at the Jimquisition that “I’m one of the top .01% of great players” or some other bullshit, like that somehow gave his opinion on Youtube videos more credence. If you watch that Jimquisition video, he talks about it.

    – Thing 1

  10. Gomez_Adams says:

    Oh good grief.

  11. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    OK now they come up with this:

    Yea, Right. After shit is hanging off the ceiling, the fan, on the sides of the walls, on faces, and bodies on the floor. Yet still there is no comment on the source of what got the shit storm started? The bad direction of the tier 8 OP tanks, and the money grabbing that’s killing the game, and what about Sir Foch now?

    Brillant. Much less, who got all this shit started behind the scenes? I mean seriously what the fuck ? People bailing on the game, and defecting CC contributors etc.

    Did you really expect anything else?

    – Thing 1

  12. Mr_Alex says:


    SirFoch is still staying true to his opinion on what is wrong with WOT

    And why shouldn’t he? He’s fucking right!

    – Thing 1

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